Sheknows is streaming live 丨 Wang Bowen, co-founder of DDEX: FCoin thunderstorm is due to internal problems, this will not happen to DeFi

This afternoon, Babbitt SheKnows invited slow fog technology partner Qi Fu, Bitpie founder Wen Hao, and DDEX co-founder Wang Bowen to discuss the topic of "blockchain security". DDEX co-founder Wang Bowen said that "transaction is mining" is a model innovation. Many people have also participated in Fcoin transactions, that is, mining. This model is unsustainable because of artificially overdraft transaction requirements, and it will The proceeds are overdrawn to the previous day, so the essence is to drum and pass flowers. This kind of problem will not happen on DeFi products, because all assets are publicized to everyone from the first day. Everyone can see how many users, how much money each user has accessed, and how much they have borrowed. Money, so the platform has no possibility of doing evil. The thunderstorms of the Fcoin run are mainly caused by the imperfect internal statistical system and risk control system. The internal deficit is serious. The final run is the internal problem of Fcoin itself.

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