Lawyer: The RBI has the right to submit an application for review to the Supreme Court, but the reasons for the review are limited

Regarding the "Indian central bank plans to submit a review petition to the Supreme Court to oppose the previous verdict", a lawyer who asked not to be named said that according to the law, the Indian central bank does have the right to apply for a review of the case. However, the lawyer added that "the reasons for a review are usually limited." According to a previous report from the Economic Times, the person familiar with the matter said that the Bank of India (RBI) plans to submit a review petition to the Supreme Court of India to oppose the Indian Supreme Court's overturn of the central bank's crypto ban. The verdict. The Reserve Bank of India is concerned that the Supreme Court's ruling on Wednesday could pave the way for virtual currency trading and put the banking system at risk. Khaitan & Co partner Abhishek A Rastogi said: "The Indian Supreme Court may be considering a petition for review by the Reserve Bank of India, but currently cryptocurrency platforms can operate in India."