Secret history of Bitcoin: early Bitcoin participants' impressions of Satoshi Nakamoto

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In order to maintain anonymity and hidden identities, Satoshi Nakamoto rarely communicated and even said that he never disclosed information about himself; as a result, everyone's impression of him is still very vague or just stays on the imaginary level. But unlike developers who have had close email exchanges with Satoshi Nakamoto, they have a deeper understanding and more specific views.

Satoshi Nakamoto mentioned Martti Malmi when posting on the Bitcointalk forum on November 27, 2009

The Bitcoin inventor who designed such a perfect system and completed so much work is not a person but a team, and some people interpret Satoshi Nakamoto; but most of the early participants who have contacted him do not think so . In May 2009, Martti Malmi, who had recommended to Satoshi Nakamoto who wanted to help the Bitcoin project, said in an interview that people often ask whether Satoshi Nakamoto is a real person or a virtual person; but according to my observation It seems that although he does what a group of people are doing, he should be alone.

Screenshot of a message from Hal Finney on the Bitcointalk forum on March 19, 2013

Coincidentally, before Satoshi Nakamoto's identity became a mystery, Hal Finney and Laszlo Hanyecz, who had communicated with him for a while, regarded Satoshi Nakamoto as a new cryptography or a cryptology stranger. In the previous story, we mentioned that at the time Hal Finney thought he was dealing with a smart and sincere cryptographic enthusiast of Japanese descent. And in his eyes, Satoshi Nakamoto seems to have an angry side, "He (Satoshi Nakamoto) seems cynical, I am more idealistic"; no wonder in the Bitcoin and me (Hal Finney) story, he Young people describe Satoshi Nakamoto (Hal Finney was 53 years old in 2009).

In addition, after reading the Bitcoin white paper and its original code, Hal Finney also felt that Satoshi Nakamoto was a novice. As an old man in cryptography at the time, he was very willing to give young people opportunities. So in the early stage, Hal Finney not only explained and refuted for those who questioned Satoshi Nakamoto to the mailing group, but also helped to check and report loopholes in the initial code of Bitcoin for a period of time.

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However, at that time alone, Satoshi Nakamoto made it difficult to fix these loopholes. So when Laszlo Hanyecz stated that he was willing to contribute to the development of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto contacted him immediately; he sent hundreds of emails to the developer who spent 10,000 bitcoin to buy pizza. In the first letter, Satoshi Nakamoto said straight away, "There are still these bugs, we need to fix this vulnerability …" Laszlo admitted that it was strange to see Satoshi Nakamoto use us as soon as he came up, because at that time they were not a team at all, and Laszlo didn't want to take on this responsibility. So he sometimes ignores the emails sent by Satoshi Nakamoto, and occasionally he is annoying about Satoshi's request.

In Laszlo's eyes, Satoshi Nakamoto is just a weird person who only discusses code and never answers any personal questions. He later said in an interview with Bitcoinist, "I have become accustomed to dealing with strange people on the Internet. The period when Satoshi Nakamoto was in contact still gave him a different feeling. "

The description of these early participants added a lot of humanity to Satoshi Nakamoto, and also reflected that Satoshi Nakamoto had the consciousness of establishing an early community at this stage. Otherwise, he will not let developers from all sides join in the programming work from the beginning; nor will he give Martti the full permissions of directly after reading a few articles, allowing him to do any bitcoin website. modify.

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