God of V: ​​Support Jack Dorsey to continue as Twitter CEO

Recently, celebrities in the tech community have expressed support for Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, and have condemned Elliot Management founder Paul Singer's attempt to fire Jack Dorsey. On March 5th, Ethereum co-founder V Shen forwarded Musk's tweet in support of Jack Dorsey, saying that he also supports Jack. Despite Twitter's flaws, Jack did much better than any hedge fund-appointed CEO. According to a previous report on March 3, Tesla founder and CEO Musk tweeted that he supports Jack Dorsey to continue to be the CEO of Twitter. He has a kind heart. Odaily Planet Daily Note: Paul Singer, founder of Twitter major shareholder Elliot Management, is trying to push for plans to replace Jack Dorsey. Paul claims that Dorsey's interest and attention was distracted by Square, which is hurting Twitter. Jack Dorsey has been a staunch supporter of Bitcoin for a long time. Bitcoin sales have become one of Square's important sources of income. Twitter has also been the primary platform for building a crypto community. Analysis believes that if there is a change in Twitter management, it may not be conducive to the development of the crypto community.