Cryptocurrency startup INX is seeking a New York license or IPO in April

Crypto startup INX Limited has entered the final sprint of a $ 130 million IPO, which may be the largest registered securities offering in the blockchain industry. People familiar with the matter said the company plans to go public in April. Sources said that INX will launch a series of roadshows for potential investors. The roadshow was originally planned to begin in January. They said the company had hired a European investment bank as lead underwriter for the IPO. INX disclosed in a prospectus updated on Monday that the company plans to move its headquarters from blockchain-friendly Gibraltar to New York due to compliance issues. People familiar with the matter said that means the company must obtain a New York license to serve its residents, and the company is currently in talks with NYDFS to obtain a license. The proceeds of the IPO will fund the launch of the crypto exchange INX Digital and the securities token platform INX Securities. In the preparation process, INX already has several partners. People familiar with the matter revealed that INX has commissioned Anchorage and BitGo to host digital assets on behalf of its exchange clients. Anchorage confirmed its involvement, and INX mentioned BitGo in its filing with the SEC. According to the document, Tokensoft is providing technical and consulting services, and Quantstamp will audit the smart contract code of the exchange. The source said that INX tokens will be launched on its own security token platform and other exchanges.