PlusToken involved in Bitcoin may enter the OTC transaction process in the near future

Beijing Chainan Chainsmap monitoring system found that the two PlusToken-related addresses that started the transfer yesterday, although the time is basically synchronized, but from today ’s further behavior, the initial strategy is slightly different. One batch adopted a one-time equalization of about 1,000 BTC to several addresses, and then continued to be gradually divided into three-digit and two-digit numbers; the other batch adopted a continuous transfer process to strip out three-digit BTC. , And then further split the strategy. The two-line two-strategy model is basically the same as the two Bitcoins processed by PlusToken on February 11. At present, the bitcoin involved in the PlusToken has entered a small amount of confusion phase. If the bitcoin involved in bitcoin is handled at the same pace on February 11, it may enter the OTC trading process on the weekend and enter the exchange early next week. But this will be a long-term process of gradually distributing small-scale Bitcoin. Today's further activities of PlusToken also triggered a sharp increase in the on-chain transaction value from 12 to 14 noon, and related transactions also occupied eight of the top ten on the current day's large value list.