Airdrop BTC! Billionaire Tim Draper asks you to learn blockchain

Today, Draper Goren Holm, a venture capital company led by billionaire Tim Draper, announced that it will give away $ 100 worth of Bitcoin to each participant for free during the Los Angeles Blockchain Summit from October 6-7 .

It is reported that this company was co-founded by Tim Draper, Alon Goren and Josef Holm. The purpose of holding this event is to encourage the public to receive education about digital currencies.

Is there any money to participate in this meeting? The big guys said that as long as they register and use the eToro platform, they can join the conference for free, which is simply the conscience of the industry.

The three stated in a joint statement:

"It is undeniable that Bitcoin is actively changing the world, and the best way to understand it is to use it, so we want to provide thousands of people with their first Bitcoin.

It is really exciting to organize and participate in the largest Bitcoin donation event in history, because there has never been so many 'HODLer' in one place. "

空投BTC!亿万富翁Tim Draper真金白银请你学习区块链

According to the announcement, this two-day summit will cover content related to experts and beginners, and the latter can also learn and use crypto applications and wallets at the "beginner" meeting set up by the summit to let them know How to use bitcoin for free.

New coronavirus hits offline conferences on blockchain

As Draper Goren Holm generously unpacked, the global conference business was hit hard by the outbreak of a new coronavirus.

As the epidemic spreads, conference organizers around the world are canceling, postponing or planning live events.

For example, the MIT Bitcoin Expo originally scheduled for this weekend at MIT is expected to be cancelled or postponed.

空投BTC!亿万富翁Tim Draper真金白银请你学习区块链

Unless the epidemic is effectively controlled, even free tickets and bitcoin giveaways may not be enough to persuade people to take risks.

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