FCoin, FMex data disclosure and restart progress announcement has been released

The announcement of FCoin and FMex data disclosure and restart progress has been released as follows: 1. At present, the total book assets of all users on the FCoin platform total approximately 181 million USDT (including the platform and team holding 37 million USDT); the total book assets of all users on the FMex platform A total of 4.18 million USDT;

2. It is currently estimated that the proportion of polluted FCoin users is about 70%, and the proportion of polluted assets in the current total book assets is 30% -35%. On this basis, the balance of 10 million USDT (equivalent) is deducted. The total asset gap is approximately 90 million USDT;

3. First, FCoin will first convert all the currency assets of the current user's mainboard into claims at a ratio of 1: 1 and register it as FUSD. The platform currency FT, FMEX and FOne will be restored based on the original account balance;

4. At present, the remaining assets of the main board currency of the platform are converted into a contract of 10 million USDT (the address has been announced), and the FOne currency assets are complete;

5. It is expected that the FCoin website will be re-logged in the next week, and all users can log in to view related claims and assets. In addition, according to the proposal of the IC, after the restart of FMex, 50% of the original assets in the user account can be withdrawn directly, and the remaining 50% of the original asset withdrawal limit will still be obtained through the contribution of contract fees. ;

6. The FCoin platform and Zhang Jian cumulatively repurchased 1.46 billion FTs and about 19 million FMEXs.