Zhang Jian: Danhua Capital already withdrew 600 BTC and other assets from FCoin as early as 18 years ago

Regarding Danhua Capital's partner Dovey regarding FCoin's "BTC for user recharge", Zhang Jian, FCoin's founder, announced that Danhua Capital, as an early investor in FCoin, holds 2% of FT. Without selling FT, relying on dividends alone, in the short period of more than one month from June 22, 2018 to August 4, 2018, 600 BTC, 7300 ETH, 2 million USDT and other assets were withdrawn. . Dovey's former owner, Danhua Capital, as a "major shareholder" holding 2% FT, only relied on dividends to withdraw so many assets in more than a month. I want to be able to explain to some extent her "user recharge" Where's the big pie? "Question. I did not ask any of you to return the assets, but your logic is that if the ATM machine spit out more money, you still have to take it away. You also openly confessed that this is an ATM mechanism problem and questioned the ATM machine Where did the saved money go? I cannot evaluate this behavior.