Ethereum independent R & D staff: ProgPoW algorithm may not achieve ASIC resistance

Ethereum independent developer Kikx claims that the Ethereum ProgPoW algorithm cannot achieve anti-ASIC mining. According to Kikx, the hash function code of the ProgPoW algorithm operation can be modified to allow application-specific integrated circuits to participate in mining. Kikx noticed that the 64-bit "seed" was too small, which allowed the ASIC to calculate the hash without accessing memory. As a result, ASIC owners can modify the code in three simple steps to gain an advantage in mining profits. Kikx shared his suggestions on his GitHub, including the nature of the vulnerability, where the code is vulnerable, and a live demonstration of what might be performed. Well-known Ethereum developers Hudson Jameson and James Hancock discussed Kikx's conclusion that the vulnerability is "very rare" and does not pose a threat to other mining algorithms. In addition, ProgPow developer Kristy-Leigh Minehan emphasized that this is a very cool trick-although we haven't confirmed whether it works in practice.