World Gold Council responds to DropGold campaign: cryptocurrency cannot replace gold

According to Crypto Globe, the World Gold Council published a blog post titled "Cryptographic Currency Cannot Replace Gold," saying that "although cryptocurrency and blockchain technology as a whole look promising, in theory, Still in practice, they obviously cannot represent gold substitutes.” The reasons are as follows: 1. Less volatility; 2. More liquidity in the market; 3. Trading within the established regulatory framework; 4. In the portfolio It plays a well-known role; 5. There is almost no overlap with cryptocurrencies in many sources of supply and demand; 6. It is a safe-haven investment. Perlaky said at the end of the article that although "they continue to recognize innovations in the cryptocurrency and blockchain areas and believe that this technology will work in the future," "cryptocurrency cannot replace gold, and gold should remain in all portfolios." A part of".