Cryptocurrency exchange INK may launch $ 129 million IPO in the U.S. next month

Cryptocurrency exchange INK may launch an IPO in the United States next month, people familiar with the matter revealed that the company is about to conduct a roadshow and hired a European investment bank as the main underwriter for the IPO. INX said that the United States SEC did not submit any objections in December last year, the deadline after submitting applications for issuance of securitization tokens. At present, the company can conduct securitization token issuance and plans to move the company's headquarters from Gibraltar to New York And apply for a New York State crypto license BitLicense. INX also said that the IPO financing will fund the issuance of the INX Digital cryptocurrency exchange and the securitization token platform INX Securities. Note: INK has submitted an application to the US SEC in August 2019, and will issue tokenized tokens through an IPO to raise US $ 129 million.