Slow fog warning: Be wary of the risk of USDT fake recharge due to Omni counterfeit currency

On July 3, 2018, the SlowMist security team disclosed the issue of fake recharge on USDT. When the exchange or wallet does not verify the vaild field in the transaction when detecting USDT entry, a USDT fake recharge vulnerability will occur. Recently, according to the information in the slow fog area, some hackers have adopted the new USDT fake recharge method. Hackers have issued other types of tokens on Omni to fake the USDT to fake the USDT on the exchange or wallet. If the propertyid in the transaction is not checked at this time, a false recharge situation will occur. The slow fog security team has verified that existing exchanges have caused losses due to this problem. Due to the widespread use of USDT in the Omni protocol, most people believe that there is only USDT in the Omni protocol, which leads to ignoring other types of unknown currencies on the Omni protocol, which can easily cause false recharge issues. The SlowMist security team recommends that the exchange or wallet self-check the USDT accounting logic, and if necessary, contact the SlowMist security team for verification.