Forward Holding Group's resumption of trading surged by more than 33%, after OK Group completed the acquisition of the company's controlling interest

According to GLONG News, on May 3, the holding of the holding group (1499.HK) surged by 33% to HK$0.205, with a turnover of HK$4,386,800 and a total market capitalization of HK$1,078.7 million. At the beginning of this year, OK Group completed the acquisition of the controlling shareholding of Forward Holdings Group (1499.HK). OK Group will continue to play its leading position in the blockchain field for many years and strengthen its synergy with the forward holding group. The investment in blockchain technology has continuously injected new impetus into the development of global blockchain technology. Since the percentage of public shareholdings has fallen below 15% since the close of the offer, the company's shares will be suspended from 9:00 am on April 11. At the same time, Xu Mingxing and Pu Xiaojiang have been appointed as non-executive directors. The 593 million shares (equivalent to approximately 11.28% of the total issued shares) will be held by the public immediately after the close of the offer and the vesting office will properly register the transfer of the offer shares that have been returned for acceptance to the offeror. Yes, the company has resumed today.