#ForkGoogle: Cryptocurrency community resists Google's "hegemony"

A petition targeting Google's censorship of cryptocurrency-related content on its platform attracted attention on Twitter.

The petition, #ForkGoogle, accuses Google and its subsidiary YouTube of "for years cracking down on the Bitcoin and blockchain industries."

#ForkGoogle: Cryptocurrency community resists Google's "hegemony"

The petition aims to encourage blockchain companies and stakeholders to unite against Google's censorship.

It accused Google of censoring cryptocurrency content in a variety of ways, including blocking advertising campaigns, removing crypto-related applications from the Google Play app store, and removing or restricting access to cryptocurrency information.

The petition states that Google ’s censorship of encrypted content is a fundamental disregard for human rights because it refuses to have access to information.

Therefore, it called on the password community to boycott Google's services and advocate for a common migration to alternative platforms using distributed technologies, such as the decentralized blogging platform Steemit and the open source web browser Brave:

"We should increase our support for alternatives, attract investment into the cryptocurrency economy, and encourage the development of new and competitive products."

The petition sponsors hope that the community can ask Google to participate in public discussions about its cryptocurrency policy.

On March 2, Google launched a new cryptocurrency removal program that removed many well-known cryptocurrency media Android apps from its app store, including Cointelegraph. As of press time, Google's ban on cryptocurrency news apps is still in effect.

At the end of 2019, Google suddenly deleted hundreds of crypto-related videos on YouTube. Despite Google's claim that the mass removal was a "wrong", many cryptocurrency video owners have complained that since 2020, its video views have been erratic, deleted, and their accounts suspended.

In March 2018, Google announced a forthcoming policy to ban ads for "cryptocurrencies and related content." This hostility appears to have been triggered by pressure from the Canadian Binary Options Task Force and the FBI, which directly contacted Facebook and Google executives before the cryptocurrency advertising ban was issued.

As of press time, the petition was signed by 169 people.