Upcoming Events | Watch the goddesses chat on the blockchain ~ participate in live interaction and send 100 OKBs!

At 15:00 this afternoon, multiple goddesses in the currency circle will be guest chain node live broadcast rooms to share their career stories! The guests invited in this live broadcast include: Xu Kun, chief strategy officer of XuEx, Wang Xiaomeng, vice president and commercial director of Babbitt, Wang Mengdie, founder of Planet Daily, Beep News, and Xiao Turtle, the founder of Little Turtle. Where did they come from with the blockchain industry? Have you ever been confused and flinched? What is the gender ratio of the team they are in? Will the blockchain industry be more friendly to women? What advice do you have for new female practitioners?

[Live participation method] Scan the QR code below, add ChainNode assistant, reply "Live" to the group: