Bitcoin rebounded to surpass $ 9,100. Is it expected that the big market in mid-March will arrive earlier?

Heroes blind BB:

Wednesday and Thursday did not officially change the text because the market trend is based on the prediction of the heroes on Tuesday. Before the change, the excessive analysis of the heroes was only repeated. This year, the heroes will use Mondays 3, 56 when the market fluctuations are not large. Update, please let everyone know. We can also review the expected Bitcoin trend chart drawn by Heroes on Tuesday. Figure 1 below is the expected trend charted on Tuesday. The yellow connector indicates that the US $ 9000 has broken upward after two shocks. Figure 2 is the current trend, which is marked by the blue arrow and is exactly the same as the prediction given by the heroes on Tuesday. Therefore, when the market is expected to finish, the heroes will streamline the posting, and it will not waste everyone's time. It will take at least a few minutes to read an article.

The heroes will review some of the trends that have occurred in the past two days. First, the Federal Reserve cut interest rates by 50 basis points on March 3rd, local time. The last time the issue of an emergency rate cut occurred was when the 2008 financial crisis Lehman Brothers went bankrupt. The main reason for the emergency rate cut was to deal with the impact of serious risk events Epidemic situation), to ease the worry of economic recession, but from the historical results, each emergency interest rate cut is accompanied by the coming of the economic downturn cycle, and at the same time the Fed is expected to reduce interest rates this year. The interest rate cut was originally good for the global investment market, but it is not obvious from the performance of the US stocks two days after the interest rate cut. After a short rebound, it continued to see a decline of nearly 1,000 points yesterday. It should be noted that Bitcoin may rebound in the past two days.

The other is the movement of India and South Korea on the cryptocurrency bill. South Korea will officially implement the new financial law amendment in March 2021, which includes the cryptocurrency exchange license system and the bank's support for real-name registration of cryptocurrency exchange accounts. . This also means that in Korea, not only virtual assets have been officially legalized, but cryptocurrency exchanges will also be officially regarded as financial institutions. The media said that the news from India was 'lifting the ban on cryptocurrencies', but in fact, the Supreme Court of India overturned the ban imposed by the central bank in April 2018 to prohibit banks from providing any support for digital currency services. The change in high-level attitudes is not really significant.

3-6- analysis


The rebound of the pie proceeded as expected, reaching the expected point of the heroes. The goal of the heroes article on the last day of February is to enter the second wave of Mavericks in mid-March, and now it is actually a turbulent run-in phase. On the big trend, Bitcoin must break through $ 9,550 to consider the trend to reverse. , The heroes think that the probability of forming an upward reversal in mid-March is greater, so the recent trend needs to be polished back and forth.

Today's analysis: From the perspective of the trend, the 4-hour line has reached the upper bound of the Bollinger Bands. The heroes judge that the short-term rebound and continued upside may hinder and fall, so the next few days may show a rebound and fall trend, and continue to shake down for a while. Some time ago, we have made a low-level layout once. If there is a downward trend in the future, we can continue to increase the position. Short-term support: $ 8,700, pressure: $ 9,300.

2 mainstream echelon

ETH: God V said that the zero phase of Ethereum 2.0 will start this summer, and the POS mechanism will follow. Ethereum will have a wave of speculation this year after the current wave of adjustments. The rebound referenced above is still around 242 US dollars and there is hope that it can be reached. The rebound may first touch the MA30 line and then follow the pie. Support: $ 225, pressure: $ 245.

BCH: Following the thinking in the previous analysis, we continued to move upward for a while. This rebound was considered to be the leader in the mainstream echelon and was short-term suppressed at MA60 ($ 360). Everyone should also pay attention later, if BCH starts to break through, then it will lead the market to be more emotional. For the operation of BCH, we just need to remember the chips near $ 300 and buy it casually.

EOS: Weak in the mainstream echelon, you can pay attention to the pressure situation near Fibonacci 4.15 USD, there will be a chance of a short-term upside. Today it supports $ 3.6 and pressure is $ 4.15.

ADA: It has rebounded to the 0.051 US dollar previously expected. This point is exactly the 60-day moving average and needs to be polished again and again. ADA can continue to open positions on every step. Support: 0.048 USD.

3 cottage echelon

ONT: Those who are involved in the recent period can continue to hold, mainly in the short-term linkage trend. If there is a step back in the market, we can pay more attention to the layout opportunities of some cottage echelons. Today's support: 0.7 USD, pressure is 0.8 USD.

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