Viewpoint | Blockchain technology has become a new impetus for the development of "new infrastructure"

Source: Nanjing Blockchain

According to authoritative media reports, the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held a meeting on March 4, 2020. Under the premise that the overall national epidemic prevention work has improved, the meeting discussed and formulated the next epidemic prevention and control work, as well as the epidemic situation. After the basic end, the work of comprehensively recovering economic production gave guidance.

This meeting mainly emphasized the work on the epidemic situation. At the moment when the epidemic situation is basically alleviated and controlled, it is precisely the whole people who need to work hard to achieve the ultimate victory of the epidemic. In addition, it summarizes the need to resume production quickly after the epidemic is over; the adjustment opinions on difficulties that may be encountered in resuming production after being affected by the epidemic; and the use of new development tools to quickly restore productivity and strive to achieve cornering overtaking.

Through the content of the meeting, we can see that the current basic situation is that the epidemic situation is basically under control. The provinces, cities, and autonomous regions except Hubei have basically achieved zero growth in confirmed patients, and the epidemic prevention work has achieved initial success, but the bigger problems are still behind. At present, it is estimated that most companies in the entire epidemic have stopped work for more than one month, schools have been suspended for more than one and a half months, and direct economic losses have amounted to trillions. How to quickly restore economic vitality after resuming production and quickly restore production, construction, manufacturing and other industries to The level of the same period will even make up for the loss of a month. This is a problem facing all production managers and participants. Are there any other remedies other than working overtime and refueling? The answer is yes.

The Chinese always have great wisdom in the face of difficulties. The answer to this question was given at the end of the meeting. It is to use new technologies to vigorously develop "new infrastructure". In addition to helping to restore production, it is also possible to revitalize the economy and eventually achieve it. Overtaking in the corner.

I won't go into details about the original text. Let me briefly summarize the content of the meeting.

1. It is necessary to select investment projects, strengthen policy support for land use, energy use, and funds, and accelerate the construction of major projects and infrastructure that have been identified in the national plan.

2. Increase investment in public health services and emergency supplies

3. Speed ​​up the construction of new infrastructure such as 5G networks and data centers.

It can be seen that the first is to emphasize infrastructure and supporting services, and the second is to arrange work on epidemics. And the third most interesting item can see a lot of information. First, new technologies represented by 5G appeared, and the hottest word "new infrastructure" since 2020 also appeared. Everyone gave speculations on what the word meant.

On March 6, Zhang Yong, Chairman and CEO of Alibaba Group's Board of Directors, stated directly in Hangzhou that the new infrastructure is digital infrastructure construction. The new infrastructure is becoming a new hot industry for investment and development. Blockchain technology with important technological development directions will also be the most important part of the new infrastructure.

The epidemic not only reflected the determination and perseverance of the Chinese people, but also brought many new technologies to the fore, such as online conference systems represented by Tencent conferences, such as cloud services for online offices, online education systems, and online Convenience services, etc. However, the problems of traditional cloud services are problems such as complete centralization, insufficient server carrying capacity, decreased network transmission speed and stability, and other similar problems may cause irreparable losses. For example, programmers directly Deleting the company's server database will result in direct economic losses of hundreds of millions of yuan, millions of customers cannot conduct normal business activities, and subsequent losses cannot be estimated. This is a problem that traditional databases may encounter, and this is also a reality that requires urgent change.

The best solution to this problem is actually to use blockchain technology. The characteristics of the blockchain technology determine that even if there is a second micro alliance event, deleting one or even several databases will not affect the security of core data at all. . At present, many excellent blockchain solution providers represented by the NSN industrial public chain are emerging in China.

In the long run, the general trend of enterprise digitalization and cloudization is inevitable. In combination with the guidance for the construction of the "data center" of the new infrastructure, we can see that in the near future, new data centers and new storage technologies represented by blockchain technology , New cloud technologies, etc., will fully enter the enterprise's actual application level, avoiding data loss is only a small start. In the future, blockchain technology will definitely promote enterprise technology upgrade and development, bring application prosperity through new infrastructure, wait until After the overall ecology is completed, it will greatly promote economic development, form a benign closed loop, and form a stronger driving force for the Chinese economy.

Develop the economy in the future, promote technological development, and narrow the gap in technological strength with developed countries, making China truly a world economic power and a strong country in science and technology. This is the broader future of blockchain technology!