The data shows that the blockchain concept ETF has performed strongly in the past six months after a nearly one-year decline.

According to The Block, after a year-long downturn, the blockchain concept ETF has risen sharply in the past six months. A brief review at the beginning of 2019 showed that the value of the six major blockchain ETFs fell by 5% to 22% from its inception to January this year. The flagship product BLOK fell by 20%, and the net outflow of total investment assets (AUM) exceeded $21 million, accounting for approximately 7% of the total capital invested in the product in 2018. A blockchain ETF was even closed in January this year. But by analyzing the performance of the three largest blockchain ETFs in the past six months, the situation is getting better. Since 2019, the value of blockchain ETFs has steadily increased. KOIN is the best performing ETF product, with an increase of more than 22%.