Deloitte Technology Trend Report 2020: Financial Institutions and Government Departments Will Lead the Development of Blockchain

Deloitte recently released the 2020 Technology Trends Report, which explores and updates the technologies that will reshape companies and governments in the next 18 to 24 months. This is the 11th annual survey of future trends in emerging technologies by Deloitte. Chain more than 40 times. The report points out that blockchain is one of the nine macro-technical forces (digital experience, data analysis, cloud computing, modernization of core systems, risk, technical business, cognitive technology, digital reality, and blockchain). It is a business innovation and technology The pillars of change will continue to affect the future.

Over the past decade, digital experiences, data analytics, and cloud computing have proven their worth. They are the foundation of many successful business strategies and new business models. However, blockchain, identification and digital reality (AR, VR, IoT, etc.) have become new disruptors, and with the doubling of application cases in various industries, the industry acceptance is gradually increasing, and it is expected to bring in 2020. Come unexpectedly.