Wanxiang Blockchain Public Welfare Hackathon is coming to an end, Station B will broadcast the final road show live throughout

Wanxiang Blockchain Public Welfare Hackathon is about to usher in a decisive battle on March 8! This hackathon participates online throughout, and the final roadshow will also be conducted live online, and will be open to all the public.

More than 100 contestants formed more than 20 teams, focusing on the topic "What role can the blockchain play in the governance of public affairs, assisting companies to resume work, improving collaboration efficiency, and management of social livelihoods, etc." Yu Tian's nervous struggle.

Before the competition, in order to stimulate participants' creativity, rational use of blockchain thinking and technology, solve practical problems, and make truly valuable projects that can be landing, the organizer Wanxiang Blockchain Lab collected in advance from government and campaigns. The actual needs and suggestions of front-line enterprises and non-profit organizations, ordinary citizens, and the Internet during this epidemic and after the epidemic ended, and at the beginning of the competition, these requirements were provided to the participants for reference.

Therefore, in this competition, participants will create their own projects based on real social needs. Behind the ideas, you will be able to see if the blockchain technology can really play a role in personal life, business management, social livelihood, social collaboration, government affairs processing, etc. after the epidemic, or whether it can affect existing business Innovative scenes help to further upgrade the business model and have intuitive feelings.

The final will begin at 13:30 on March 8th, and participants will showcase their projects and ideas through live online streaming. The live broadcast of the finals will also be made public in the live broadcast room of Station B of Wanxiang Blockchain. Spectators can search for "Wanxiang Blockchain" directly in Station B to enter the broadcast room. While watching the live broadcast, you can also win N95 masks!

You can also directly copy the URL below and open it in your browser to enter the live room: https://live.bilibili.com/21892643

The competition will eventually select 1 first prize, 2 second prizes, 3 third prizes and 1 best creative prize. Among them, the best creative award will be selected by public vote. Winners of the Best Idea Award will receive a cash prize of 1,000 yuan, and all team members will receive 2020 Shanghai Blockchain International Week tickets (each ticket is worth 4,500 yuan), as well as the 2020 Shanghai Blockchain International Week Hackathon direct entry qualification.


Everyone can participate in the voting and choose the project that you think its creativity can best solve the current real social pain points and has the most practical application value. Who will debut with the "most creative" title C? Click on the Wanxiang Blockchain Charity Hackathon to start voting. The most socially valuable creative project is picked by you! It's up to you to vote. Participants who participate in the voting will have the opportunity to get one [blockchain book + one N95 mask].

Behind every crisis lies the vigorous development of new forces. SARS in 2003 opened the door for e-commerce companies such as JD.com and Taobao. With this year's new crown pneumonia, Hema Xiansheng, Dingdong shopping for vegetables, and daily fresh produce have ushered in a new round of development opportunities. Is it possible for the blockchain to get on the bigger stage? Let us witness together!

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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