Former Monero chief developer: From the perspective of anti-censorship, the central bank's digital currency may not have much to do

According to AMBCrypto, former Monero chief developer Riccardo Spagni recently talked about the issue of cryptocurrencies, the rise of central bank digital currencies, and their significance for privacy and surveillance, as well as Libra's role in people's financial privacy. Influence etc. Spagni calls these privacy issues the battlefield,

Riccardo Spagni talked about Libra, the central bank's digital currency (CBDC), and financial privacy issues, noting that while these concepts may seem fancy on the surface, they actually don't make much sense from an anti-censorship perspective. Spagni explained: "I think the discussion of CBDC is bitcoin to some extent, and of course other currencies such as Monero have paved the way. But if a digital currency like CBDC or Libra has any meaningful privacy, I Would be very surprised. "