CoinMetrics co-founder: Bitcoin's value comes from the market

CoinMetrics co-founder Nic Carter recently stated in a podcast event that Bitcoin's value comes from the market. Its value is that people want to use it as a means of trading and a means of long-term wealth storage. He said: "Gold is valuable because a civilization puts the value of money on the existence of currency commodities." Regarding the history of Bitcoin's fluctuations, Nic Carter emphasized that the fluctuations of Bitcoin represent that you must do to enter the system Trade-offs. However, he also said that this unstable situation is not unique to Bitcoin, nor is it ideal. Nic Carter concludes: "A lot of the assets we use every day are unstable. Oil is very volatile and there are trillions of dollars of oil floating around, so this is not an unqualified feature. It just means that as a A foundation, a reserve asset, Bitcoin has a long way to go to make people feel comfortable saving money. "