Blockchain weekly news of listed companies: 2 companies start new business, 8 companies disclose new progress of old business

Inter-chain pulse statistics, only 2 listed companies disclosed the blockchain-related dynamics this week. One is the first blockchain electronic invoice issued by Donggang for Beijing, which provides blockchain technical support; the other is Rendong Holdings and its subsidiaries. Recently, there has been a capital increase to further strengthen bilateral cooperation.

Listed company blockchain business trends:

March 4

[Rendong Holdings strategically invests in Beijing Zhongdian to explore "finance + blockchain"]

Following the strategic cooperation, the relationship between Rendong Holdings (002647) and the blockchain company Beijing Zhongjian Technology Co., Ltd. went further. Beijing Rendong Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, plans to invest 10 million yuan to make a strategic investment in Beijing Zhongjian Technology Co., Ltd. through capital increase. At the same time, the related party Rendong Blockchain Co., Ltd. plans to invest 13 million yuan to invest in Beijing Zhongdian through capital increase and stock transfer, of which 10 million yuan is used to increase capital in Beijing Zhongdian and 3 million yuan is used for transfer. Beijing Zhongshou signed part of the shares transferred by the existing shareholder Ningbo Shanshi Information Technology Partnership (Limited Partnership).

Interlink Pulse Blockchain Business Classification: Industrial Services-Investment

March 3

[Donggang Shares: Issued Beijing's first blockchain electronic invoice]

Under the leadership of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Taxation, Beijing Donggang Ruihong Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Donggang Co., Ltd. (002117) , provided application and support based on blockchain technology, and issued the first district in Beijing on March 3. Blockchain electronic invoice.

The implementation of this project is conducive to the advancement of the Donggang Shares Blockchain Electronic Invoicing Project and the development of blockchain-related projects. At present, the company's blockchain project is still in its infancy and promotion stage, and it cannot yet have a significant impact on the improvement of the company's overall operating performance.

Interchain Pulse Blockchain Business Classification: Blockchain Application-Government Affairs-Taxation

In addition, in order to help readers better understand the development of the blockchain of listed companies, Interchain Pulse specially selected some listed companies' responses to investor questions on the interactive platform this week.

Listed company interactive platform reply:

March 6

Guangdian Express (002152) replied: The company's research institute has carried out DC / EP (Central Bank Digital Currency) application research and development work, mainly supporting the module of digital currency and bank account currency exchange on ATM, and digital currency hardware wallets are also under development.

Advanced Digital Communication (300541) replied: The company is concerned about the development of blockchain and fiat digital currency. For new technologies and new application areas, the company will make necessary technical preparations, and the substantial layout needs to wait for large-scale application opportunities. appear.

The company does not engage in basic blockchain technology research. The company is currently focusing on large-scale application opportunities for blockchain technology. At present, the company's projects in the field of blockchain are small-scale experiments, which do not have a substantial impact on the company's operating income and profits.

March 5

Global Printing (002799) replied: The company's blockchain technology is mainly focused on three major areas: drug traceability, pharmaceutical logistics and supply chain management, relying on the existing data advantages, customer advantages, platform advantages and resource advantages of shareholders for development and utilization. The new company is currently setting up a research and development team and determining the future research and development direction. In 2020, it will enter the actual research and development stage.

March 4

Bank of Xi'an (600928) replied: The company has been paying close attention to the related process of digital currency, actively tracking the development of related technologies, and constantly exploring applications in the financial field.

March 3

Teana Technology (300245) replied: The company has always been concerned about and reserve blockchain technology. The blockchain management platform currently cooperating with Zhejiang Mobile has just been launched and is in the pilot phase. The follow-up companies will continue to study the blockchain technology in depth, while continuing to follow up the blockchain management platform in order to promote more business data on the chain. At the same time, the company will also actively pay attention to the subsequent development of the blockchain.

High light software (002063) reply: At present, the company's blockchain is actively taking disaster relief materials as the starting point, relying on its own blockchain technology research and development to launch the high light blockchain donation platform and open it for free to achieve fast and flexible Full-process management of disaster relief supplies online. Recently, the Yuanguang Blockchain Donation Platform was selected by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology as "Guangdong Province's Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Enterprises to Help Reinforce Epidemic Resilience Product Resource Information (Third Batch)".

March 2

Yinzhijie (300085) replied: The company has been committed to exploring the application of blockchain technology in the field of financial technology, and can already provide blockchain- based application solutions to customers in the financial industry. Recently, the company won the bid of Jiangsu Bank of Jiangsu "Su Yin Chain 2.0" optimization and online loan contract blockchain certificate project, to build an upgraded version of "Su Yin Chain 2.0" for Jiangsu Bank, improve the performance of "Su Yin Chain" and meet the electronic contract blockchain certificate of deposit Application scenario requirements are another typical application of Yinzhijie's continuously accumulated blockchain technology in the financial industry. At present, Yinzhijie has formed a blockchain scene covering the fields of banking, personal credit reporting, insurance, and securities through its shareholding in Baixing Credit, East Asia Qianhai Securities, and e-insurance, and with years of experience in deep IT banking services. Ecology. With this advantage, Yinzhijie will continue to tap the application of blockchain in the financial field.

Hong Tao Co. (002325) replied: In terms of exploring blockchain , Sichuan School vigorously cultivates talents in big data, cloud computing and blockchain , and at the same time cooperates with enterprises to explore the application of blockchain in talent cultivation. The cross-examination training institutions of its postgraduate entrance examinations focus on exploring the application of blockchain in teaching behavior collection and teaching content sharing, and focus on solving the teaching process such as the problem of teaching trust in one-on-one private education and the maintenance of institutional intellectual property rights.

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