0x releases 2020 governance route, will focus on increasing community voting participation and staking

0x announced the governance roadmap for 2020 and beyond, saying that this year will focus on increasing community participation, including community voting participation and staking. The ZRX Portal will serve as a central hub for voting and staking activities, as a powerful complement to current channels (ZEIP, developer conference calls, open source repositories, and discord). 0x will increase system modularity to achieve a lower friction upgrade. In response to voting, the community has recently released the ZEIP-76 proposal, which aims to formalize the new ZEIP process. ZEIP stands for "ZeroEx Improvement Proposal" and will serve as a public square. Anyone can respond to changes in the 0x smart contract pipeline. Proposal and consensus, the proposal will be voted on in March. 0x will start and encourage this year to use the off-chain voting mechanism to propose and vote on staking parameters. At the same time, 0x will develop a binding on-chain system that will enable the community to drive without the intervention of the 0x Core team. Parameter changes.