Founder of ConsenSys: The future of DeFi cannot be underestimated, and a decentralized global economy will form in the future

On March 7, Joseph Lubin, founder of ConsenSys, said at the ETHLondonUK conference that decentralized finance (DeFi) is "shocking": "Once we solve this problem and make it really work, DeFi will become a huge Magnet, attracting global companies through new business models or traditional businesses, and eventually forming a decentralized global economy. "Although this is still a small space, it is growing: Last month, crypto assets locked on DeFi Exceeded the $ 1 billion mark. Lubin also said that large and medium-sized enterprises will begin to carry out important businesses on public blockchain platforms. According to previous news from the Odaily Planet Daily, ConsenSys and Ernst & Young recently announced a new project, the Baseline Protocol, and 12 other companies and organizations have joined the agreement, including Microsoft, AMD, ChainLink and MakerDAO. The new agreement will allow businesses to access DeFi services built on the Ethereum blockchain without disclosing all their private information.