Report: Year-to-date Compound debt issuance and outstanding debt increase by 44% and 76% respectively

DeFi lending agreement Compound continues to show strong momentum. Since the beginning of the year, Compound Day borrowers have increased by 148%, especially active in early and mid-February. There were 123 different borrowers on February 12, meanwhile, debt issues and outstanding debt increased by 44% and 76%, respectively. From the data point of view, DAI and USDC are still the most sought-after assets, accounting for 54% and 43% of outstanding debt, respectively, and demand may come from long cryptocurrencies such as ETH. 10% of the interest earned by Compound will flow into the platform insurance fund to pay for loan default events. The fund is currently close to $ 300,000 and may become a future source of revenue for Compound governance tokens. Earlier news, Compound will launch a governance platform and plan to issue governance token COMP. COMP will be a standard ERC-20 asset, allowing currency holders to participate in governance voting or to delegate voting rights to others. Compound has now deployed COMP to Ethereum and is about to conduct a public review soon. The data on the chain shows that the total number of COMP tokens is 10 million.