Venezuelan petroleum coin payment platform Biopago has been down for more than two months, and the government has not announced the launch time

Venezuela's Biopago, a cryptographic payment system based on biometric authentication, is still in a state of paralysis after more than two months of offline, which has caused serious losses to traders across the country. According to the latest amendment, Biopago's maintenance cycle has been extended "indefinitely", and other key infrastructures have been extended, including the government-provided payment and wallet solution PetroApp. According to reports, "more than two months after the start of the maintenance period", the government still has not released any news about when these services will be restored, although many citizens cannot spend petrol coins. Meanwhile, according to Promar TV, the country's president, Nicolas Maduro, revealed more details about the country's upcoming crypto casinos. Maduro hopes the casino in Caracas will attract international customers, but he stipulates that the casino only accepts petroleum coins. Previously, the Venezuelan central bank had stopped selling petrocoin Petro through its BioPago equipment indefinitely. The central bank said that more than 7,000 stores across the country use BioPago equipment to process petrocoin payments, but some of these unnamed stores said they had encountered problems and many merchants did not receive payments from Petro transactions. It is reported that the central bank has confirmed that it will provide compensation to all merchants that have used BioPago equipment to process Petro payments.