Bitcoin's Secret History: Why is CSW being mocked by the group?

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Author: LucyCheng

In December 2015, "Wired" and "Gizmodo" magazines published articles involuntarily stating that they had locked the true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, and he was the Australian entrepreneur Craig Steven Wright. Unlike previous speculations, which were based only on writing style and ability level, they gave a lot of evidence to support their opinions.

Two media claimed to have received a large amount of information from hackers a month ago. These include articles on "Cryptocurrency Paper" published by CSW on its blog in August 2008 (prior to the release of the Bitcoin white paper); on January 10, 2009 (before the launch of Bitcoin), CSW posted a copy For the record, "The Beta version of Bitcoin is coming online tomorrow, it is decentralized … we will keep trying until it succeeds." Even more persuasive are the two PGP keys associated with Satoshi Nakamoto.

※ Note: The key published by Wired is associated with There is no evidence that Satoshi Nakamoto used this email address, but it is similar to

※ Note: The key announced by Gizmodo is related to Satoshi Nakamoto did use this address, but it was hacked in 2014.

Unfortunately, all the evidence listed was subsequently overturned, and most community members analyzed that the evidence was likely to be forged. Faced with questions from many parties, CSW did not immediately respond publicly; it just said in a BBC interview six months later, "I do n’t want money, I do n’t want to be famous, and I do n’t need worship; I just want to be quiet Staying. It ’s not because I want to do it now (coming out to prove that you are Satoshi Nakamoto). This is not my choice … I do n’t want people I care about to be affected by this, so I decided to stand up and prove myself ; But only once, after that I will never appear in front of the camera and any media. "

If time freezes at this moment, we might be able to equate Craig Steven Wright with Satoshi Nakamoto. But CSW has continued the story and made it develop in a direction that is getting worse or worse.

On May 2, 2016, Craig Wright was interviewed by the BBC to announce that he was Satoshi Nakamoto.

CSW, who just announced in an interview in 2016, will never appear in front of any camera. After a year, he sneered and began to appear frequently on various summits and social media. Some of the remarks and opinions made during the period have also been attacked by people in the field. The founder of Ethereum, V God, directly opened at the Deconomy conference in 2018, "Why can this crook be able to speak at the conference?"

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In addition, in order to further convince the public that he is Satoshi Nakamoto, CSW has come up with many side-effects in recent years to rectify his name; however, they have all been broken by community members into fake documents. Many people shouted that let CSW prove their identity in the most direct way; he did it in 2017, but it was not the most convincing operation to transfer Bitcoin from the recognized Satoshi address, but it showed The process of signing a message using a private key and only visible to Gavin Andresen.

Craig Wright's reluctance to prove in public that he owns the private key has been questioned by the community and put Gavin's reputation endangered. At that time, Gavin tried to explain CSW's strange behavior as "he may be deeply troubled and may not really want to accept the title of Bitcoin founder"; but then CSW repeatedly gave evidence to prove that his approach made this explanation extra pale .

The serial perjury incidents, the behaviors of others, and the practice of CSW's crazy application for blockchain patents in recent years, provoking BCH and BSV disputes, etc., have gradually made it a target in the cryptocurrency field.