TRON Foundation: Community governance cannot go beyond the sanctity of private property, calls for peaceful resolution, withdraws codes and no longer freezes assets

On March 8th, the TRON Foundation issued a paper "The Truth Behind Steem Takeover", stating that TRON has never thought of taking over any blockchain and respects decentralization and community governance. But community governance cannot go beyond the sanctity of private property, which is the foundation of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. When Steemit is acquired, TRON looks forward to working with the community and exchanging ideas, which will make STEEM even stronger. Unfortunately, some witnesses froze the 65 million STEEM legally owned by Steemit. In response, the TRON Foundation said that these witnesses not only have no right to do so, but have also broken the sacred and inviolable rules of private property. If differences arise, they should discuss and communicate with each other or compete through votes, but not just freeze assets. When we control the network, the only thing we have to do is recover our funds. Once 100% certain that funds and exchange assets are safe, we are willing to return control to the community. TRON called for a peaceful resolution, hoping that witnesses would immediately withdraw the code and pledge to no longer freeze anyone's assets.