Media: Binance redemption of STEEM, suspected to not know the rules of 31.73 million, redeemed only 16,000

The financial network on the financial network chain said on Weibo that at 00:00 on March 9, Binance conducted a power down operation. However, the amount of Binance's reduction was very strange, which may be the recent situation of Binance. Mistakes again. According to calculations, the 31.73 million tokens that Binance upgraded on the 6th can be exchanged for approximately 62.1 billion VESTS at the current S / V consideration. But at 0 o'clock today, Binance only redeemed 31.73 million VESTS, which is about 16,000 STEEM, less than a fraction of the votes voted 6 days ago. Binance may be a voting operation performed without understanding the operating rules of the Steem blockchain. Binance does not understand the exchange relationship between STEEM and VESTS, and even does not understand the 13-week freeze rule after voting, which makes it impossible to pay Stop withdrawals.