Bitcoin computing power reaches 122.1EH / s, S9 series miners reach shutdown price again

The price of Bitcoin has fallen sharply this morning. According to data from the Coin Printing Pool, Bitcoin's entire network computing power has reached a high of 122.10 EH / s. With the rise in computing power, Antminer S9 series, core moving miners T1, T2 series and Avalon A841, A821 and other miners have reached the shutdown price. At present, ant mining machines T15, S17 and other series of mining and electrical costs accounted for more than 50%. However, it has been observed that the new generation of 7nm and 8nm mining machines introduced by major mining machine manufacturers some time ago have not been greatly affected by the increase in computing power. Among them, the electricity cost of the Antminer S19 Pro accounts for less than 30%, and the daily static net income can reach 70 yuan. Shenma mining machine M30 is also in a high-income state, with a daily static income of about 50 yuan.