USDT printing and issuing activity has increased since February

According to Tokenview data monitoring, the activity of printing and issuing stablecoin USDT has increased since mid-February 2020, but the total market value of the cryptocurrency market is declining. Before February of this year, Tether had not issued additional USDT for nearly four months. But since mid-February, 504 million banknotes have been printed. Among them, 200 million are operated by Omni and Ethereum in a non-destruction mode.

During the same period, the USDT that entered the market through the Tether Treasury address was approximately 1.42 billion, of which the USDT issued on the Ethereum chain accounted for 77.9% and the Tron chain accounted for 21.0%. And more than 80% of the newly issued USDT will directly flow into the exchange, among which Binance, Bitfinex, Huobi, OKEx and other exchanges account for a relatively high proportion.