Ownen Cong sued Roger Ver for a lawsuit claiming 100,000 pounds

"Bitcoin Jesus" Roger Ver has now become the latest litigation target of Aberdeen. It is reported that Oban's embarrassing lawsuit against Roger Ver is based on a video posted on the official YouTube channel of Bitcoin.com on April 15th, entitled "Special Information for Craig Wright", Roger Ver in the video facing the camera Speaking of "Craig Wright is a liar, so come and sue me again." On May 1, Aobene's lawyer wrote to Roger Ver and Bitcoin.com asking Roger Ver to apologize publicly for his comments, otherwise legal action will be taken. Roger Ver has not apologized after a Twitter fan from Roger Ver gave a reminder that "the release of defamatory material in Japan is a civil offence and a criminal offence, which can be sentenced to a maximum of three years in prison." As a result, Roger Ver received a defamation lawsuit against Ownen Cong on Thursday, which was filed with the Royal Court of Justice. Aoben Cong asked for a compensation of 100,000 pounds and requested that Roger Ver and any of its affiliated entities be prohibited from further publishing such statements.