Blockchain game Horizon raises $ 5 million in funding, investments including ConsenSys and DCG

Companies that design digital transaction cards and online games are continuing to demonstrate their ability to make big money in the blockchain world.

Blockchain game Horizon raises $ 5 million in funding, investments including ConsenSys and DCG

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According to TechCrunch, blockchain game company Horizon Blockchain Games has raised $ 5 million in funding for their game, SkyWeaver. Major investors include Initialized Capital, as well as funds from Regah Ventures, ConsenSys, Digital Currency Group (DCG), Polychain Capital, Golden Ventures, and CMT Digital. This investment is an extension of the 2019 seed round financing, when Horizons raised $ 3.75 million.

SkyWeaver is a "free trading card game that combines the best aspects of digital and physical collectible card games" built on the Ethereum blockchain network. With the latest round of funding, the game will continue to undergo internal beta.

In the company's blog, Horizon co-founder and CEO Peter Kieltyka made clear how blockchain will affect Ethereum's gameplay:

"To make SkyWeaver possible, we have developed many novel protocol and transaction infrastructures for Ethereum. Through clever and careful design, we have built an Ethereum-based blockchain stack for unmanaged virtual worlds (i.e. player-owned Complete ownership of their products), user-friendly and easy to build. "

Making blockchain games easier to use

Because many users need to be familiar with and have their own crypto wallets, the innate requirement is that blockchain games have not yet become mainstream. However, Kieltyka tries to alleviate these problems by providing alternative methods of using its own wallet.

"Even without prior knowledge of blockchain, every player will be able to use our user-friendly wallet to store, manage and trade their virtual items. Or, for those who are more familiar with blockchain, welcome them Use any other Ethereum wallet. "

The digital trading card game is currently tested by 12,000 users and more than 90,000 players are waiting to enter.

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