Weekly development of industrial blockchain

In terms of industrial policies, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Fujian, Jiangsu and other coastal cities have issued the most government documents related to the blockchain. In terms of industrial research, blockchain has become a new disruptor. Today's blockchain is cloud computing 10 years ago. As for industrial applications, the tax bureau, public security bureau, procuratorate, and court are all using blockchain, and the situation is gratifying. As for listed companies, listed companies have become a force to be reckoned with behind the blockchain. Behind some typical blockchain cases, the number of listed companies is increasing.


Industrial policy: protagonists in coastal areas

Huangpu District, Shanghai: Cultivate and gather a group of fintech leaders and unicorns in the field of blockchain applications

On March 6, the Huangpu District of Shanghai formally issued the "Several Opinions on the Bund Financial Agglomeration Belt to Bring the Function of Core Functional Areas to Serve the Construction of Shanghai's International Financial Center" (also known as "Bund Finance 18"). A group of fintech leaders and unicorns in mobile finance, insurance technology, blockchain applications, big data credit and other sub-sectors.

Changning District, Shanghai: Focus on key areas such as blockchain

On March 2, Changning District of Shanghai formulated the "2020 Action Plan for Changning District to Connect with Hongqiao International Open Hub to Promote the Construction of Shanghai Hongqiao Airport Economic Demonstration Zone". The plan states that it will focus on key areas such as 5G and blockchain to promote the deep integration of next-generation information technology and industry.

Guangzhou: Promote the construction of a Chinese software city demonstration zone featuring blockchain

On March 3, the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology issued a notice on the issuance of the "Guangzhou Action Plan for Promoting the Development of a New Generation of Artificial Intelligence Industry (2020-2022)". The action plan states that it is necessary to promote the construction of China's famous software city demonstration zones featuring blockchain, and accelerate the construction of Guangzhou Blockchain International Innovation Center, Huangpu Chain Valley, Antmi Blockchain Crowd Space, and Blockchain Future Space. Carrier. Explore the multiple application scenarios of blockchain and artificial intelligence, and support the construction of new business projects that combine artificial intelligence and blockchain.

Guangzhou Municipal Government: Shaping new advantages of digital economy development around core technologies such as blockchain

On March 3, the Guangzhou Municipal Government issued "Several Measures for Guangzhou to Resolutely Win the New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Struggle and to Achieve the Economic and Social Development Goals and Tasks for the Year". The document stated that the artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, The core technologies of digital economy such as cloud computing, break through a number of "neck neck" key technologies, create a number of scientific and technological innovation research platforms, provide a number of innovative application scenarios, cultivate a number of leading enterprises in the digital economy, form a number of innovation demonstration highlands, and shape New advantages of digital economy development.

Jiangsu: Support the innovative application of blockchain and other technologies in the cultural field

On March 5, the Propaganda Department of the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Department of Science and Technology, the Provincial Department of Finance, the Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, and the Provincial Bureau of Radio and Television jointly issued the "Policies and Measures on Responding to the Impact of the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic and Promoting Cultural Format Innovation". Support the innovation and application of common key technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, the Internet of Things, and blockchain in the cultural field. Provincial science and technology plans such as the provincial key R & D plan and the provincial major scientific and technological achievements transformation project will provide cultural and scientific innovation. The project gives support.

Fujian: promulgated 23 measures to promote the construction of major projects, focusing on new formats such as blockchain

Recently, Fujian Province has promulgated "Several Measures on Accelerating the Construction of Major Projects to Promote Stable Investment", making every effort to promote the construction of major projects, and actively expanding effective investment. The document states that it focuses on key planning projects, strengthens the main leadership and project management mechanism, and focuses on new business formats such as 5G, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, and innovation platforms in accordance with the "five batch" project work requirements.


From the government documents related to the blockchain released this week, it can be found that they are mainly concentrated in coastal cities such as Shanghai, Guangzhou, Fujian, and Jiangsu, especially Shanghai and Guangzhou, with the most documents issued. However, it is worth noting that Shanghai has fallen behind in the Internet wave. How can we keep up with the team in the upcoming blockchain wave?

Industry research: Blockchain has become a new disruptor

Xinhua Times Review: Accelerating the Application of Modern Information Technology such as Blockchain in Agriculture

On March 8th, Xinhua News Agency issued a document entitled "Doing a Good Job in Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, Fearing Natural Risks", stating that modern information such as the Internet of Things, big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence, fifth-generation mobile communication networks, and smart weather should be accelerated. The application of technology in the agricultural field makes agricultural production more "smart".

People's Court: Application of blockchain technology has changed the form of rule of law in the governance structure

On March 5th, the People's Court issued a paper "Application of Blockchain Technology and Development of the Rule of Law." The article points out that the application of blockchain technology has changed the form of rule of law in the governance structure. The article also mentioned that the law cannot prevent the independent development of software developers by simply adopting a decree. Therefore, a sound blockchain industry supervision mechanism should be established, which not only includes prudent supervision, prohibits cross-borders, but also includes trial and error, and innovative development zones. The blockchain supervision system will jointly explore a new model of blockchain supervision, realize the upgrading and improvement of regulatory technology, reduce regulatory costs, ensure the parallel development of industry and supervision, and create an environment for the healthy development of blockchain technology.

Deloitte: financial institutions, government departments will lead the development of blockchain

Recently, Deloitte released the 2020 Technology Trends Report. The report states that in the past decade, digital experience, data analysis and cloud computing are technologies that have proven their value. They are the basis of many successful corporate strategies and new business models. . However, blockchain, identification and digital reality (AR, VR, IoT, etc.) have become new disruptors, and with the doubling of application cases in various industries, the industry acceptance is gradually increasing, and it is expected to bring in 2020. Come unexpectedly.

National Information Center Sharing Economy Research Center: New technologies such as blockchain will become a new hotspot for the development of the sharing economy

On March 4, the Research Center for Sharing Economy of the National Information Center released the "Report on the Development of China's Sharing Economy (2020)". The report believes that in the future, shared manufacturing will become an important starting point for the transformation and development of the manufacturing industry during the 14th Five-Year Plan period. The openness of resources of large manufacturing enterprises and the empowerment of manufacturing platforms by shared platforms will become an important support for the future development of shared manufacturing; New technologies such as blockchain will become new hotspots in the development of the industry and will play an important role in information security and supervision, data sharing, and property rights protection.

China Mutual Fund Association Standards Research Institute: Become an expert group unit of "Anti-money Laundering Technical Standards Applied in the Blockchain Industry"

On March 4, China Mutual Fund Association Standards Research Institute became an expert group unit of "Technical Standards for Anti-Money Laundering in the Blockchain Industry Application" initiated by the China Software Association Blockchain Branch, and is another participating unit of the central bank system.

China's First Undergraduate Program in "Blockchain Engineering" Approved

News on March 3rd, according to the spirit of the "Notice of the Ministry of Education on Announcing the Results of Recording and Examination and Approval of Undergraduate Majors of General Colleges and Universities in 2019", the "Blockchain Project (080917T)" declared by Chengdu University of Information Technology was approved to be added in 2019. Approval major, “Blockchain Engineering” is the first undergraduate major approved in China.

Shandong Province: Key Laboratory of Blockchain Finance and Key Laboratory of Blockchain and New Technology Integration

On March 3rd, the website of the Shandong Provincial Department of Science and Technology released a public announcement. In order to give full play to the important supporting role of scientific and technological innovation in the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the Shandong Provincial Department of Science and Technology, in conjunction with the relevant provincial departments, plans to start the construction of a number of key Shandong provinces. laboratory. These include: Shandong Provincial Key Laboratory of Blockchain Finance (Relying Unit: Shandong University of Finance and Economics) and Shandong Provincial Key Laboratory of Blockchain and New Technology Integration (Relying Unit: Inspur Group).


The current blockchain is cloud computing 10 years ago.

"The thing of cloud computing is to be polite to say that it is a new bottle of old wine, there is no new thing." This is Baidu CEO Li Yanhong's views on cloud computing at the 2010 China IT Leadership Summit. Alibaba founder Ma Yun said that he did not understand technology but was full of confidence and hope for cloud computing. Ten years later, the value of cloud computing has become ubiquitous. Today in the global cloud computing market, Chinese companies alone can compete with Amazon, Microsoft, IBM and Google. In the domestic cloud computing market share rankings, Baidu is not even among the top three, and is classified as "others".

Blockchain is also not a new technology. It is a combination of a series of existing technologies. As the company's head, whether to treat it as a new bottle of old wine or to increase research and development efforts, different attitudes determine the company's development destiny in the next 10 years.

Industrial application: see the curative effect without looking at advertisements, follow-up progress of landing cases needs continuous attention

InfoComm: Launch of personal travel and health management platform based on blockchain digital identity

Recently, in order to help scientific epidemic prevention and resumption of production, China Academy of Information and Communications Technology has developed a personal travel and health management platform based on blockchain digital identity based on the country's top nodes and communication big data platforms, named "Xin'etong" , Has been invited to invite organizations to try it out, and will be released publicly soon.

Beijing: Pilot application of blockchain electronic ordinary invoices

On March 2, the State Administration of Taxation's official website of the Beijing Municipal Taxation Bureau announced that Beijing will launch a pilot application of blockchain electronic ordinary invoices (referred to as "electronic ordinary invoices") from now on. The scope of invoicing mainly excludes VAT invoices and VAT ordinary invoices. Invoices (including unified invoices for motor vehicle sales and unified invoices for second-hand vehicle sales), taxable goods, labor services, and service items outside the scope of issuance of electronic value-added tax invoices. The Beijing Municipal Taxation Bureau will gradually carry out the pilot promotion of blockchain electronic ordinary invoices throughout the city.

Fujian Provincial Department of Commerce: supporting "single-window" big data, blockchain and other new technologies to take the lead in Pingtan

On the afternoon of March 6, the Fujian Provincial Department of Commerce and the Experimental Zone Administrative Committee signed a framework agreement to jointly promote the high-quality development of the Pingtan Free Trade Zone. In promoting Pingtan cross-border trade to be more convenient, the Provincial Department of Commerce supports Pingtan to promote the application of China (Fujian) international trade "single window"; supports "single window" big data, block chain and other new technologies to be first applied in Pingtan ; Support Pingtan to explore and implement "single window + artificial intelligence robot".

Jinan Public Security Bureau: Using Blockchain to Build Outbreak Prevention and Control "Safety Net" for Enterprises in the City

During the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the Public Security Bureau of Jinan City and the Bureau of Industry and Information Technology of Jinan united the tide and launched the “Resumption of Work and Reproduction” system based on the Aichengnet APP to build a “safety net” for the prevention and control of outbreaks in the city. The system uses the blockchain's trusted two-dimensional code mechanism to ensure the legitimacy and authenticity of the code and prevent the use of illegal and fake two-dimensional code to collect personal information. It adopts an authorization mechanism based on blockchain technology to ensure the legality of information collection, Authenticity and traceability. At the same time, the data is uploaded to the chain to ensure that the information cannot be tampered with, which is conducive to clarifying the responsible subjects and the scientific epidemic.

Changsha High-tech Zone: Soliciting 30,000 companies to "chain up"

On March 4, Changsha High-tech Zone announced that the "SMIC Blockchain (Changsha) Public Service Platform" led by Changsha Information Industry Park and Changsha Software Park Co., Ltd. has now completed construction and officially passed software testing. In Changsha High-tech Zone, more than 30,000 companies have completed "on-chain" steps. To ensure service capabilities and service quality, "on-chain" service partners are now being recruited nationwide, and related documents will be issued in the future.

Urumqi New Urban Area: Uses blockchain and other technologies to complete cloud signing of first batch of key projects

On March 5, Urumqi Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone (New Urban District) successfully signed the first batch of 7 key project networks in 2020 with “cloud signing”, with a total project amount of 12.25 billion yuan. According to reports, the online signing conference system is based on cloud deployment, the system uses reliable electronic signatures and blockchain technology, and realizes online deposit and withdrawal of evidence.

Henan Financial Services Sharing Platform: Using Blockchain and Other Technologies to Break Through the Bottleneck Between Credit and Credit

Since Henan's first provincial financial public welfare data sharing platform, Henan Financial Services Sharing Platform, was launched on March 5, 2019, it has broken through the gap between "credit" and "credit" by using technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain. The bottleneck made government data become the "mortgage equivalent" of loans to small and micro enterprises. The 24 resident banks accumulatively issued 19,742 loans to 12,833 enterprises, totaling 57.343 billion yuan, accounting for 10% of the province's total annual loans to small and micro enterprises.

Gusu Procuratorate: Boosting Wildlife Protection with Blockchain Technology

Recently, a WeChat platform based on "French Eyes and Animals" using blockchain technology was born in Suzhou, Jiangsu. The platform will combat and protect the dual effects of wild animals in one. Using blockchain technology, it has "decentralization, fairness, openness, The characteristics of "accumulation of evidence on the chain" provide a solution to the difficulties in handling wild animal cases, scattered clues, difficulty in obtaining evidence, and lag. According to reports, the platform was initiated by Suzhou Gusu District People's Procuratorate to integrate the market supervision bureau, judicial bureau, catering association and other competent departments and social organizations to achieve clue sharing.

Jilin Provincial Court: Promoting the Innovative Application of Blockchain Technology

On March 2nd, the Jilin Provincial Court further deployed its network security and informatization work in this year's court. Among them, the deployment content includes the integration of various data resources to achieve mass storage of court information resources, scientific classification, multiple retrieval, and in-depth analysis. Deeply promote the innovative application of blockchain technology, and comprehensively accelerate the innovative application research and development of 9 business scenarios.


It can be seen that the tax bureau, public security bureau, procuratorate, and court are all using blockchain, and the situation is gratifying. "Seeing the effect without looking at the ads", in the face of so many landing cases, we are vigilant that the blockchain has become a face-saving project, and the subsequent progress is worthy of attention.

Listed companies: behind the power of blockchain

Adir: Cross-border 5G and blockchain, Shenzhen Stock Exchange questioned to cater to hot speculation

On March 3, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued a letter of concern requesting Aideer to explain the specific application and feasibility of blockchain and 5G in the company, the substantial impact on the company's main business, and the need for this cooperation with Shuqin Technology. At the same time, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange asked Aideer to explain whether Qin Technology and Ningbo Unicom cooperated in selective information disclosure this time, and whether there is a situation that caters to the market's hot speculation. In the evening of March 6th, Aildel responded to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange's concern letter, stating that the company signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shunqin Technology and Ningbo Unicom, which will help the company make full use of Shunqin's blockchain technology and 5G services provided by Ningbo Unicom. The smart store solutions enabled by blockchain and big data are expected to have a positive impact on the company's future sustainable operation capabilities.

Donggang: Subsidiary provides technical application and support for Beijing blockchain electronic invoice

Donggang Shares announced that on March 2nd, the State Administration of Taxation, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Taxation issued the "Statement of the State Administration of Taxation, Beijing Municipal Administration of Taxation on the Implementation of Blockchain Electronic Ordinary Invoices". Under the leadership of the Beijing Municipal Taxation Bureau, the subsidiary Donggang Ruihong provided the application and support based on blockchain technology, and issued the first electronic blockchain invoice in Beijing on March 3, 2020.

China Merchants Port: During the war epidemic, use blockchain and big data to build digital application platforms

According to the information from the Central Broadcasting Network, during the war, the key to the safe and efficient operation of the port terminals and parks managed by China Merchants Port was to rely on technology. China Merchants Port has established a unified digital application platform for business innovation scenarios such as paperless and electronic circulation of documents, gate automation, and electronic settlement using various new technologies such as blockchain and big data.

Yinzhijie: A blockchain scenario ecology covering the fields of banking, personal credit reporting, insurance, and securities has been formed

In response to investors' questions on the interactive platform, Yinzhijie said that the company has been committed to exploring the application of blockchain technology in the field of fintech and has been able to provide customers in the financial industry with blockchain-based application solutions. Recently, the company won the bid of Jiangsu Bank "Su Yin Chain 2.0" optimization and online loan contract blockchain certificate project.

High light software: During the epidemic, the high light blockchain donation platform was launched and open for free

A few days ago, when Guangguang Software responded to investors' questions on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange's interactive platform, it stated that the company's blockchain is actively taking the disaster relief materials as an entry point and relying on its own blockchain technology research and development to launch the Guangguang blockchain donation The platform is free and open to achieve fast and flexible online management of disaster relief materials. Recently, the Yuanguang Blockchain Donation Platform was selected by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology as "Guangdong Province's Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Enterprises to Help Reinforce Epidemic Resilience Product Resource Information (Third Batch)".

COSCO SHIPPING launches potential ship epidemic risk identification system combined with blockchain technology

COSCO SHIPPING Technology recently announced that it has rapidly developed a set of identification systems for the potential risks of ship epidemics by combining its global epidemic data and its own accumulation of IoT technology, shipping data in Taiwan, shipping algorithm platforms, and shipping blockchain platforms. Software, and achieved rapid development and deployment online.


Listed companies have become a force to be reckoned with behind the blockchain. Behind some typical blockchain cases, the number of listed companies is increasing. For example, Beijing ’s blockchain electronic invoices are provided by Donggang Co., Ltd. ’s subsidiary to provide technical support. The point is worthy of recognition. However, there are still some listed companies that ca n’t wait for high-profile publicity before the foreign cooperation has achieved results, and need to pay attention to the motivation.

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