If you do n’t understand finance, it ’s better to leave the circle. The second bomb of the Babbitt industry class—blockchain and finance, is online.

As the underlying technology for running Bitcoin, the blockchain has its own financial attributes since its inception. For ten years, blockchain has not only been used to create digital currencies, it has also become the underlying technology for application scenarios such as finance, traceability, logistics, and certificate storage. To what extent the blockchain technology develops, this determines the future direction of the blockchain. But finance, it determines the most basic "rules of the game" in the blockchain world.

From March 23rd to March 27th, the second round of the Babbitt Industry Class "Financial Trap or Wealth Treasure? —— "Blockchain and Finance" Learning Week "hits hard! The course invites Zhang Li, vice president of Canaan Technology, Huang Lingbo, partner of distributed capital, Tao Rongqi, founder of X-Order, Cai Yan, managing director of NGC Ventures, and Song Shuangjie, founder of Tongtongtong Research Institute, as lecturers every night 7: 30-9 : 30, 5 days in a row, helping you open the second pulse of the Governor of Blockchain Finance. Quickly click the link to sign up http://t.cn/A6z7jkDV

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