Xu Kun: Global risk assets crash, bitcoin market value will enter the trillion-dollar era

OKEx Chief Strategy Officer Xu Kun said on Weibo today that OPEC production reduction agreement collapsed, oil prices once fell 30%, after narrowing, it fell more than 20%, fell below the 2008 low, and the crude oil ratio of 30 US dollars / barrel Mineral water is cheap. The black swan fluttered again, and the US stock index plummeted after a 5% plunge during the session. The global stock market plummeted without any exception. And the spread of overseas epidemics has continued to impact the global supply chain, and the balance sheets of traditional companies have become increasingly fragile. Global risk assets may have a systemic collapse, which will promote market repricing and emerging assets will usher in opportunities. Bitcoin was born under the background of the last round of economic crisis. It has both investment value and application value. In the past ten years, a stable ecological foundation has been formed. Richer derivatives also bring more diversified investment strategies. In the long term, Bitcoin Alpha will gradually emerge, attracting more capital inflows, and the market value is expected to exceed trillions of dollars within the year.