Babbitt weekly election 丨 Global crisis triggers bitcoin avalanche, but frequent supervision is good for long-term trends or unchanged

Guide: Blockchain has set off a new industry boom in China. Babbitt's weekly election will review the major events that can change industry trends in the past week from the perspectives of policy supervision, editorial, project ecological implementation, technology progress, platform construction, and investment. Investors and users can provide a basis for grasping the development trends and opportunities of the blockchain.

The international crude oil price fell below US $ 40, the global crisis appeared, and gold rose above US $ 1,700, but the cryptocurrency market failed to hedge and suffered an avalanche. Although cryptocurrencies have plummeted due to unfavorable external factors, the cryptocurrency market has indeed been favorable in terms of regulation last week, especially in countries such as South Korea, India and Germany. South Korea has officially incorporated cryptocurrency transactions into the legal system, and India's Supreme Court has officially declared the central bank's cryptocurrency ban lasting two years illegal. The analysis believes that although the crypto market has been hit hard, in the long run, the current situation will be temporary and it is not expected to have a significant impact on the general trend of cryptocurrencies.

I. Policy and supervision

Last week, India, South Korea, France, the United States, Ukraine and Germany clarified cryptocurrencies, especially South Korea and India. South Korea passed a bill to officially legalize cryptocurrency transactions in South Korea. India's Supreme Court has formally ruled that the Bank of India's ban on banks from providing services to cryptocurrency companies is illegal.

India's central bank plans to file review of Supreme Court's crypto ruling

A French court ruling claims Bitcoin is equivalent to currency, recognizing it as a valuable asset

South Korea officially legalizes cryptocurrency transactions, Bitcoin stands at $ 9,000

South Korea officially passes amendments to the special financial law! Cryptocurrency Institutionalization Goes Next

U.S. SEC proposes amendments to securities issue exemption rules involving token issuance

Heavy! Indian cryptocurrency ban unconstitutional by Supreme Court, Indian crypto community wins victory

clarify! Germany officially classifies digital assets as financial instruments and does not have monetary legal status

Ukraine defines cryptocurrencies as intangible assets

Blockchain and physical applications

Beijing is accelerating the pace of blockchain application. The Beijing Municipal Taxation Bureau announced on March 4 that in the future, parking lots in this city can be automatically integrated with charging and invoicing. Citizens do not have to wait for invoices after scanning codes, and can issue and save online For blockchain invoices, there is no need to save paper invoices, and the ticketing experience is further optimized. Ant Financial, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Finance, took the lead in donating electronic bills on the blockchain. On March 2nd, Shenzhen Taxation Bureau and Tencent Blockchain and WeChat Pay launched the Blockchain Electronic Invoice Express Edition, which quickly registered and opened the Blockchain Electronic Invoice function in 30 minutes.

New crown virus epidemic war, what can the blockchain do?

China's banking industry has landed dozens of blockchain applications, who is providing technology for financial giants

Qinghai Branch of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange: Steady progress in the pilot of the "cross-border financial blockchain service platform"

Beijing issued the first blockchain electronic invoice, parking tickets and park tickets will be included

Zhejiang Provincial Department of Finance took the lead in donating electronic bills on the blockchain, and Ant Financial provided technical services

The Blockchain Electronic Invoice Extreme Edition is launched on WeChat.The fastest time to open the invoice is 30 minutes.

Third, technical direction

Recently, the ProgPoW algorithm, which has been hotly debated by the community, has been exposed as a major loophole, and anti-ASIC has become a joke.

Bitcoin welcomes new technology update, Core developers teach you how to verify the client

Why is Vitalik bullish on Rollup, a two-tier extension of the blockchain?

Vitalik Buterin: Ethereum 2.0 Phase 0 is expected to start this summer, and PoS will eventually become a reality

Introduction | tBTC: A New Bitcoin Sidechain Design

ProgPoW algorithm is leaked, Ethereum ASIC mining is unstoppable?

ETC 2020 technology roadmap announced: Ethereum stack client Core-Geth completes development

Fourth, investment and financing

The blockchain and cryptocurrency industries have been active in financing activities last week, covering wallets, agricultural applications, exchanges and games.

Agricultural blockchain company GrainChain secures $ 8.2 million in Series A funding, and Overstock provides $ 5 million in support

Exchange service provider AlphaPoint raises $ 5.6 million, Galaxy Digital takes another shot

Arweave secures $ 8.3 million in funding, and three giants A16z, USV and Coinbase participate in the investment

"Black Horse" Exchange FTX Receives Liquid Value to Participate in Round B Investment, The Next Crypto Unicorn Is Coming Soon

Digital wallet company Argent secures $ 12 million in Series A funding, led by well-known fund Paradigm

Blockchain game Horizon raises $ 5 million in funding, investments including ConsenSys and DCG

February global block chain private equity financing amounted to 1.295 billion yuan, China and the US market heating up

V. Mining

How will the mining industry develop after halving, can the halving market really be fulfilled again? Can Bitcoin's value cover environmental damage?

Viewpoint | Reveal the truth of Bitcoin's "halving market", will history really repeat itself?

Viewpoint 丨 Can the value of Bitcoin cover the environmental costs of mining?

New York Greenidge Power Plant installed 7,000 miners, daily mining value of $ 50,000

The market is down and production is approaching. How long will the mining winter continue?

With the reduction of Bitcoin production and the surge of computing power, the "year of mining disaster" of the 16nm mining machine is bound to come?

Out of the shadow of the epidemic, the minefield prepared for halving


Is insurance an important part of DeFi security? More and more DeFi projects are considering the introduction of insurance agreements, and as concerns raised by lightning loan attacks have become more prominent, insurance seems to be a reliable option.

How the most famous DeFi project processes data in the repository

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DeFi guardian: DeFi insurance agreement

Seven, central bank digital currency and Libra

What exactly will a central bank digital currency look like? Former Bank of England officials said that the central bank's digital currency will eventually show different "hybrid" forms, while the chairman of the Swiss Crypto Valley Association said that the central bank's digital currency is the next stage of decentralized financial development. On the other hand, the Bank for International Settlements stated that no central bank digital currency is focused on cross-border payments.

After being hit hard by regulators, Facebook decided to redesign Libra.

Central bank digital currency

Former Bank of England (BoE) official: Bank of England digital currency will eventually take on many different "hybrid" forms

Swiss Crypto Valley Association Chairman: Central bank digital currency is the next stage in the development of decentralized finance

Bank of Japan: Whether to issue central bank digital currency is an important issue

BIS: No central bank digital currency focused on cross-border payments


Facebook considers redesigning Libra for regulatory approval

Libra is bothered to change again?

Market transactions

International crude oil prices have plummeted by 30%, the global crisis has manifested, and Bitcoin's risk aversion has been hit hard. Bitcoin has fallen below the $ 8,000 mark. The dispute between bitcoin and gold has resumed. There is no doubt that this time, gold successfully played a safe-haven function.

Bitcoin suffers from the "siege of siege", and there are several incidents in addition to the collapse of the international market that are preventing Bitcoin from returning

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Oil price avalanche! Bitcoin plunges $ 800, or will the black swan continue?

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