Compound appears on March 8th, the biggest liquidation since v2 protocol release

On March 8, the DeFi loan agreement Compound liquidated $ 25,347,600 worth of collateral, the highest record since its v2 loan agreement was launched last May. Last weekend, the price of Ethereum plummeted, from more than $ 250 to about $ 200. As borrowers tend to use ETH as collateral, falling prices have led to insufficient loan collateral for many loans, triggering liquidation. Another loan agreement, MakerDAO, and exchange dYdX also saw a settlement peak in the same period. The outstanding loans of Compound, MakerDAO and dYdX were also affected during the weekend. The outstanding loans of the three platforms fell from $ 75,041,115 last Friday to $ 73,683,069 on Sunday, a decrease of 1.8%.