23 Listed Companies' Blockchain Subsidiary Surveys: Relying on parent companies, 4 entered bottlenecks

According to statistics, more than 20 listed companies have established blockchain subsidiaries in the past 4 years, and their original main areas involved multi-business directions such as logistics, real estate, and communications. Among them, the largest proportion is electronic information and software services. There are a total of 7 listed companies. The established blockchain subsidiaries are mostly engaged in supply chain finance. There are 4 listed companies in the cultural media category. Most of the blockchain subsidiaries are exploring the field of copyright content. At present, the development and exploration of most subsidiaries still rely on the resources and accumulation of the parent company, and it is difficult to obtain income in a short period of time. Among these 23 companies, including 4 subsidiaries of Zhongnan Construction, Yijian Co., and Koda It seems to have entered a "bottleneck period".