Bitcoin core developers discuss Taproot, protocol consensus and promising new projects

Bitcoin core developers Pieter Wuille, Amiti Uttarwar, John Newbery, Cory Fields and Blockstream research director Andrew Poelstra discuss their daily work, the future of Taproot, and other promising projects at the MIT Bitcoin Expo. The next possible upgrade of the Bitcoin consensus layer is the Taproot / Schnorr soft fork. Wuille is still optimistic about its prospects, and believes that the developer has basically completed the proposal, but he acknowledges that the pace of progress is uncertain and depends entirely on the community. In response to the fact that Bitcoin is not changing fast enough, Newbery said that the Bitcoin core team is more focused on security. Poelstra said that Bitcoin politics plays a role in the slow pace of protocol changes, and contributors need to ensure that ecosystem participants do not get worse after proposing changes.