Market Analysis: Bitcoin broke through the annual line of $5,620, setting a new high for the year

Heroes BB:

BTC opened a unique market today. Heroes observed that the BTC/USD on bitfinex has exceeded $6,100. The trading platform of the major trading platforms BTC/USDT broke through the high point of 5600USDT on April 24, reaching the deadline for writing. 5700USDT. That is to say, at the same time, bitfinex's dollar trading has the highest premium. The hero's previous article speculates on a logic from this data. The high premium on bitfinex is due to the trust crisis on its platform, and 850 million dollars of funds are frozen. It is difficult for users to withdraw money, and can only exchange USD for BTC withdrawal, thus causing a high premium.

The same is true for the independent market of today's pies. A large number of users holding USDT replaced USDT with BTC for hedging, which caused the USDT price to fall and formed the first negative premium since the Spring Festival. The rise of BTC has changed, and the heroes even think that BTC's market has been led by bitfinex.

Next, let's talk about a hero's conjecture. A large number of users on bitfinex started from the thunderstorm of the platform and wanted to withdraw money or coins. This caused a certain degree of impact. They would rather spend more than $400 on other platforms. The price of buying BTC to raise coins. In the early days of tyranny, from April 26th to April 29th, it was impossible for these people to directly sell their high-priced chips after they quit the platform, because their average BTC price was around $5,500, while other platforms For example, the price of Coinbase was only over 5,100 US dollars.

Nowadays, with the rise of BTC prices, these people will not lose if they ship. Perhaps there is an interest group behind this, which has produced the continuous fermentation of the BFX event in the recent market, which led to the independent rise of BTC today. Of course, this is also the time when the heroes are squatting in the toilet. The so-called people collect firewood high, because the news on the market, everyone's funds are starting to go to the BTC, but there is a problem here, that is, in the event of unforeseen bad news, or BTC's large correction, Then it is easy to form a stamp.



The trust crisis of USDT and BFX continued to ferment. USDT began to fall in exchange rate from last night. For the first time since the Spring Festival, a negative premium appeared, which led to a single upswing in the pie. The heroes said yesterday that the big cake will continue to hit the annual line after the May Day, and there will be a wave of rebound in the mainstream currency . The cover image used in the article yesterday also has meaning. (Go back and look at the cover yesterday)

However, it is unexpected that the negative premium of USDT last night caused the pie to not step back on the 5250 support action. Although the mainstream currency has a callback trend, the callback depth is not as expected by the heroes. The analysis of the points in the details is not in the way. Today's mainstream and pies trend also appeared in the time out of line, the mainstream rebound lags behind the pie, which is not expected by the heroes. Yesterday's analysis showed deviations in time, detail and position, but the overall general direction of the rebound is not biased. Will this rebound be a new uptrend? For the time being, it can be used as a rebound to operate. It is similar to the post-holiday rebound that the heroes said yesterday. The only deviation is that the time is advanced.

Today's analysis: The pie is affected by the USDT risk aversion, and it has broken through the annual line. In the short term, it will absorb the market sentiment through shock consolidation. After the big cake, there will be a big chance to return to the annual line (5620). The line is effectively stable, then the other mainstream echelons will follow the rebound after May Day, which is the same as the effect of stepping back on the 120-day line around $4,200. So if you miss the opportunity to add a position yesterday, you can wait for the stepping on the annual line and then consider adding a position. To remind everyone not to chase the pie, it is better to pay attention to the rebound of the four strong mainstream currencies (BCH, ADA, EOS, LTC) in the previous period, and will continue to surge after the holiday, in the next market. It is recommended to maintain a 50% position. Consolidation support: $5,620, pressure: $6,000.

2 mainstream echelons

EOS: The heroes said yesterday that the grapefruit can be added to the warehouse as long as it is stepped back. The lowest point of the grapefruit was dropped around 4.62 US dollars yesterday. The extent of the investigation was not large and did not meet the expectations of the heroes. Today, behind the pie, the active pull-up rebounded back to above $5, which is earlier than the heroes expected. The short-term will be consolidating around $5, and the consolidation is expected to continue a rebound. Short-term support: $4.8, pressure: $5.2.

ETH: Today's pull of Ether just touched $170. In the short term, it will retain the consolidation demand after the sudden rise of $170. After the consolidation, it is expected to break through the suppression of $170. Short-term support: $165, pressure: $175.

BCH: A wave of overshoot will appear after the BCH session yesterday, and a head and shoulders pattern (bounce signal) appears in 4 hours. Today, behind the big cake, this section has been pulled out ahead of time. After the rapid increase, the rate of separation is too high. The short-term need to consolidate and wait for the indicator to be repaired. After the consolidation, it is expected to return to above 300 US dollars. The operation mode can be used to refer to the test cake return test line. Replenish the position. Short-term support: $275, pressure: $310.

LTC: Today's pull-up broke through 80 US dollars and then fell back. The amplitude is close to 10 points. In the short-term, it will keep consolidating below 80 US dollars. After the consolidation, it is expected to effectively break above the stable level of 80 US dollars. Price, short-term support: $75, pressure: $85,

3 other analysis:

Most of the cottages today have maintained a trend of stagnation. At present, the funds are not speculating in the market environment of the cottage. In the short term, there will be no sustained sharp increase in the market. In the near future, we will wait and see, waiting for the market environment to change.

Author: Institute of heroes Block Chaining