23 Listed Companies' Blockchain Subsidiary Surveys: 4 Parents Relying on Parent Companies

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The epidemic is now being aided by all parties, and companies in the blockchain field have already been involved in the fight against the "epidemic" in blockchain aid. The interchain pulse found some worthy figures in it-the blockchain subsidiaries of listed companies.

During the epidemic, Sifang Jingchuang ’s subsidiary Lexunfang ’s blockchain “Lexunfang” application launched an online recruitment service; Hanwei Technology ’s subsidiary Henan Zhongdun Yunan Information Technology Co., Ltd. reported electronic seals, A number of blockchain products and solutions such as electronic contract deposit certificate platform and credible charity donation platform; Zhidu Zhichain, a subsidiary of Zhidu Co., has launched a group-based epidemic prevention and control system based on blockchain technology. Management system.

The blockchain business is set as a company, not a project or department, and can quickly respond to major emergencies and launch applications, which reflects the layout of listed companies in the blockchain field.

In order to further explore the development of the blockchain of listed companies, Interchain Pulse has counted more than 20 blockchain subsidiaries established by listed companies since 2016. (Taiyiyun, Jianan Yunzhi and other parent companies that are mainly engaged in blockchain-related businesses have not been included.)

Subsidiary development direction: supply chain finance, content copyright

According to the statistics of the inter-chain pulse, there have been more than 20 listed companies established by blockchain subsidiaries in the past 4 years. The original areas of their main business involved multi-business directions such as transportation logistics, real estate, communication industry, home appliance industry, culture, education and leisure, instruments and meters .

Among them, the largest proportion is electronic information and software services. There are a total of 7 listed companies. The established blockchain subsidiaries are mostly engaged in supply chain finance. There are 4 listed companies in the cultural media category. Most of the blockchain subsidiaries are exploring the field of copyright content.

At the same time, there are a total of 4 blockchain subsidiaries in the field of mutual chain pulses exploring the supply chain finance field.

(Tabulation: interlink pulse)

Among them, Guangzhou Yuntong Lianda Jinfu Technology Co., Ltd., which is a subsidiary of Guangdian Yuntong, focuses on the payment and supply chain and mainly builds the financial industry alliance chain. And the company can now provide digital asset management systems, supply chain financial systems.

Winstone's Chainstone (Suzhou) Information Technology Co., Ltd. mainly provides customers with solutions based on blockchain technology in the areas of difficulty in information sharing in asset management business, and difficulty in financing small and medium-sized enterprises. Successful cases that have been launched so far include: Winning Supply Chain Blockchain Platform, Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Finance Platform, and Agricultural Supply Chain Finance Platform.

Beijing Zhidu Zhichain Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Zhidu Shares, not only launched the application of epidemic prevention blockchain during the epidemic, but also completed the application of blockchain technology in more than ten industries such as supply chain finance, insurance, and credit reporting. s solution. At the same time, Zhidu Financial Technology will be connected to the supply chain to promote the "blockchain + supply chain finance" layout.

On the other hand, there are also four blockchain subsidiary companies exploring the copyright and content fields.

(Tabulation: interlink pulse)

Beijing version of the Family Technology Development Co., Ltd., which was established by Annie in July 2016, has launched copyright products; Hunan Tianhe Wenlian Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Tianzhou Culture, also launched the "Excellent Copyright" platform. All are blockchain projects whose core business is to provide services such as depositing and confirming rights, copyright registration, authorized transfer, content storage, copyright monitoring, infringement and evidence collection, and rights protection litigation.

Kodak Zhonglian Blockchain and Firebird Blockchain are companies focusing on content. The Firebird blockchain established in August 2018 is a more formal blockchain media; Kodak Zhonglian Blockchain has launched a content platform “Fast Chain Planet” that provides blockchain information, market prices, and project evaluation. Incorporates elements of token rewards. The platform builds a data value ecology through the blockchain encrypted storage technology reward system and value contributor reward system.

In fact, among these subsidiaries, not only Kodak Zhonglian Blockchain is involved in the field of tokens or digital currencies, but Lexunfang also has a token "BTC" (TBC). The digital Qianyuan subsidiary of Aoma Electric is actively paying attention to the development of digital currency and blockchain technology. At the same time, Interchain Pulse is concerned that it has applied for 5 digital currency related patents in 2018.

(Tabulation: interlink pulse)

In addition, the mutual chain pulse is concerned that some of the blockchain subsidiaries of listed companies already have the strength to provide blockchain technology services for enterprises, such as Zhejiang Xinhu Zhongbao's equity subsidiary subsidiary Funchain Technology; Hanwei Technology's Henan Zhongdun Yun'an Information Technology Co., Ltd .; Xinrui Real Estate's Beijing Ruizhuo Hi-Tech Development Co., Ltd .; Shenzhen Jichain Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd. of Jihong.

Blockchain subsidiaries still rely on 4 parent companies or encounter a "bottleneck period"

From the perspective of development fields, there is no big difference between the blockchain subsidiary of a listed company and most companies' explorations. It is also the same from the perspective of regional perspective. These more than 20 blockchain companies are still concentrated in the three places in Beijing, Shenzhen and Hangzhou. There are 5 in Beijing, 4 in Shenzhen, and 2 in Guangzhou, Hangzhou, and Suzhou.

From the perspective of time, 6 of the more than 20 blockchain subsidiaries were founded in 2016 and 2017; more concentrated in 2018, a total of 11; and 5 were established in 2019; And a blockchain company to be established in 2020.

Then observe the blockchain subsidiaries of listed companies in different development periods. In fact, the development and exploration of most subsidiaries currently rely on the resources and accumulation of the parent company, and it is difficult to obtain benefits in a short period of time. Interlink pulse observations, out of these 23 companies, 4 seem to have entered the "bottleneck period".

(Tabulation: interlink pulse)

In January 2017, the Zhongnan Construction Blockchain Agricultural Development (Shenzhen) Enterprise established by Zhongnan Construction, and Heilongjiang Beidahuang Blockchain Digital Agriculture Co., Ltd., which was jointly established by the latter and Beidahuang.

Just the month after the Heilongjiang Beidahuang Blockchain Digital Agriculture Co., Ltd. was established, in April 2017, its product "Good Food Taste" was launched on JD.com, and rice products certified by the blockchain were launched to the market.

But soon after the product was launched, it became silent. Interchain Pulse is concerned that the official public account of Good Food Taste has been changed since September 2018; the official Weibo has only been operating for three months. On the JD platform, its four products are evaluated by only a dozen people.

On the other side, Beijing Keda Zhonglian Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd., which was established in early 2018, has launched the "Fast Chain Planet" product. Then in October 2019, the company combined the market environment and the overall strategy of the listed company to revise the platform.

However, Interlink Pulse recently downloaded its APP and found that although there are still news updates on the product homepage, they are not in the field of blockchain; there is no relevant information displayed in the software such as "chain headlines" and "quotes".

Unlike the above-mentioned blockchain projects, where the product encounters a bottleneck, Easy Shares encounters a crisis of trust. In October 2017, Holgos set up Holgos Easyto Blockchain Commercial Factoring Co., Ltd. The business model is factoring based on buyer's payment credit. The supplier transfers its receivables generated by the core enterprise to the factoring company, and the factoring company provides trade financing, receivables management, credit Comprehensive services such as risk control.

Later in 2018, Horgos harvested 320 million net profits, and the net profit in the first half of 2019 reached 250 million, becoming the largest source of profits for EasyShares. However, according to the data of Tian's eye inspection, Holgos Yijian Blockchain Commercial Factoring Co., Ltd. had no social security payment records in 2017 and 2018 at that time, that is, there were no employees.

Subsequently, Holgos factoring gave a corresponding explanation, but was also questioned, and the stock price was hit.

The blockchain companies established in the second half of 2019 are still in the early stages of creation, and their development results are gradually emerging.

(Tabulation: interlink pulse)

Hunan Tianhe Culture Chain Technology Co., Ltd., established by Tianzhou Culture in July 2019, has launched the "Excellent Copyright" platform; Kane Group established Xiamen Qiangyun Network Technology in September 2019. The blockchain subsidiary is currently in business application In the internal internal test, QYChain, a blockchain alliance chain, has been launched to provide end-to-end blockchain industry platform solutions; Shenzhen Jichain Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd., established by Jihong in November 2019, is It has launched core business such as one-item-one-digit digital marketing, blockchain anti-counterfeiting traceability, point mall, and trusted supply chain platform; it is also a smart chain established in November 2019, and is also involved in epidemic prevention.

However, it remains to be seen how long the development momentum of these rising stars can continue.

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