Blockchain Weekly Report | Bitcoin drops near mining unit prices again; 13 listed companies disclose blockchain business

Abstract: Bitcoin plummets again near the prices of various mining machines; South Korea acknowledges the legal status of cryptocurrencies; India ’s Supreme Court lifts the cryptocurrency ban; China ’s first undergraduate “blockchain engineering” major is approved; Xiaomi is established to include blockchain services Industry and financial big data companies; 13 listed companies disclose blockchain-related businesses or plans.

According to PANews statistics, there were 14 projects in the blockchain field announced last week with a total amount of more than 51.7 million US dollars (excluding projects for which specific investment and financing amounts have not been disclosed), involving corporate services, exchanges, agriculture, storage, and cross-chain , Security, gaming, etc.

1. Shanghai Huangpu District issued "18 Bund Finance" to cultivate unicorn enterprises in blockchain application and other fields

Recently, the Huangpu District of Shanghai officially released the "18 Bund Finance", which aims to establish itself as the core functional area of ​​Shanghai's international financial center and focuses on the two major growth poles of "asset management" and "fintech". Seize new opportunities for strategic development. Proactively connect with national strategies, actively create an important carrying area for financial opening to the outside world, encourage enterprises to participate in new areas of the free trade zone to try first, serve the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta, and strengthen the international carrying capacity and competitiveness of the Bund financial agglomeration belt. Cultivate and gather a group of fintech leading companies and unicorn companies in mobile finance, insurance technology, blockchain application, big data credit and other sub-sectors.

2. Gansu Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology: deepening the integration of new generation information technology such as blockchain with industrial economy

The Gansu Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology recently issued the “Key Points of Gansu Province's Greening, Informatization, and Intelligent Transformation to Promote the Transformation and Upgrade of Traditional Industries in 2020”. This year, our province has launched a number of key traditional manufacturing industries for green transformation and upgrading projects to cultivate Identify 10 provincial-level green factories, 3 green parks, 1 green supply chain, 3 green products, and 10 industrial water-saving enterprises, so as to promote the accelerated upgrading of advantageous industries and achieve a significant reduction in average energy consumption per unit product. It will accelerate the deep integration of new generation information technology such as big data, cloud computing, blockchain and artificial intelligence with the industrial economy, and actively promote green, information and intelligent transformation, so that the number of Shangyun industrial enterprises in the province will reach 13,500.

3. Jiangsu Province promotes "Ten Cultural Industry Innovations" to support the application of blockchain and other technologies

On March 5, the Propaganda Department of the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Science and Technology Department, the Provincial Department of Finance, the Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, and the Provincial Bureau of Radio and Television jointly released the "Policies and Measures on Coping with the Impact of the New Coronary Pneumonia Outbreak and Promoting Cultural Industry Innovation." The policy measures are divided into a total of 10 sections, which are divided into four parts: promoting the integration of cultural science and technology, optimizing the cultural supply structure, strengthening the construction of carrier platforms, and improving the service guarantee system. The ten policy measures this time are quite targeted, such as "supporting key technologies for common problems", and explicitly propose to support the innovative applications of common key technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, the Internet of Things, and blockchain in the cultural field. Provincial science and technology plans, such as key R & D plans and provincial major scientific and technological achievements transformation projects, will give preferential support to cultural and scientific innovation projects.

4.South Korea passes special financial law amendment to recognize the legal status of cryptocurrencies

News on March 5th: The Plenary Session of the National Assembly of Korea today passed the amendments to the "Reporting and Utilization of Information on Specific Financial Transactions (Special Financial Law)", which will be implemented one year later, in March 2021. Earlier news, the special financial law includes the crypto exchange license system and the bank's support for real-name registration of crypto exchange accounts. In addition, the Financial Information Analysis Institute (FIU) of the Korean Financial Commission will develop subsidiary regulations to smoothly implement the amendment. Relevant departments will also actively collect opinions from the crypto industry and private experts.

5. Japan's New Economic Union and Japan Blockchain Association submit to the government "a proposal for a national strategy for blockchain"

In cooperation with the Japan Blockchain Association, the Japan New Economic Union submitted the "Proposal for a Blockchain Country Strategy (Case Analysis)" to the Minister of IT and the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry. The proposal analyzes the limitations of existing systems and how to use blockchain as a solution, while introducing the latest examples of blockchain applications. He emphasized the importance of using blockchain technology in public-private partnerships. The government is also required to develop a basic strategy for the blockchain, consider regulatory laws and regulations, support business creation, and establish cross-ministerial functions.

6.India's Supreme Court lifts cryptocurrency ban, central bank appeals again

India's Supreme Court rejected a previous ban on cryptocurrencies issued by the Central Bank of India (RBI) and said that the circular issued by the Bank of India was in violation of the Indian Constitution. Subsequently, media reports said that the Bank of India (RBI) plans to submit a petition to the Supreme Court of India to oppose the decision of the Supreme Court of India to overturn the central bank's encryption ban. It is reported that in April 2018, the Central Bank of India (RBI) issued a notice prohibiting banks from providing services to cryptocurrency exchanges and related companies. Since the notice was issued, cryptocurrency practitioners have filed a petition in hopes of lifting the relevant ban.

7.U.S. SEC votes for new proposal, or influences cryptocurrency financing rules

According to Cointelegraph, on March 5th the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) voted to pass a set of rule amendment proposals designed to simply improve the "patch-up" rules for exempt securities. The proposed rule changes aim to improve the existing "complex and confusing" framework, making it easier for companies to raise funds and better protect investors.

In the United States, securities offerings, including initial coin offerings (ICOs), must be registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or be exempt. It is reported that many exemptions in the field of cryptocurrencies fall under the provisions of Rule D504. Under the proposed rules, the maximum amount that can be raised from uncertified investors in 12 months will increase from $ 5 million to $ 10 million.

8.India's Supreme Court rejects Indian central bank ban on cryptocurrencies

PANews March 4 news, the Indian Supreme Court rejected a previous ban on cryptocurrencies issued by the Indian Central Bank (RBI), and said that the circular issued by the Indian central bank violated the Indian Constitution.

It is reported that in April 2018, the Central Bank of India (RBI) issued a notice prohibiting banks from providing services to cryptocurrency exchanges and related companies. Since the notice was issued, cryptocurrency practitioners have filed a petition in hopes of lifting the relevant ban.

1. Zhanke Group's application for freezing of shares of subsidiaries held by Bitmain has been approved by the court

PANews March 6 news. According to the China Judgment Documents Network, the Zanke Group applied to the court for pre-litigation property preservation on December 9, 2019, requesting the freezing of Fujian Zhanhua Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. held by the respondent Beijing Bitmain Technology Co., Ltd. 36 % Equity share.

After examination by the People's Court of Changle District, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, the applicant's property preservation application of Zhan Ketuan met the legal requirements and was allowed. The 36% equity share of Fujian Zhanhua Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. held by the respondent Beijing Bitmain Technology Co., Ltd. (equivalent to a value of RMB 3,600,000) was frozen for a period of two years.

Fujian Zhanhua Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bitmain. The main business scope is the design, development, and sales of integrated circuit chips and semiconductor products, and provides related technical development, technical consulting, and technical services.

2.U.S. Treasury Department announces sanctions on two Chinese citizens who help North Korean hackers organize money laundering

The U.S. Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) issued a statement on March 2 (Monday) announcing sanctions against two Chinese citizens suspected of helping North Korean cyber hacker organization Lazarus launder money in 2018. The two Chinese citizens were Tian Yinyin and Li Jiadong, and the specific charges against them were that they provided substantial help to the North Korean Lazarus organization through OTC OTC business, provided financial sponsorship, material and technical support, and supported them in malicious cyber attacks. .

3.Beijing Taxation Bureau decided to launch a pilot application of blockchain electronic ordinary invoice in the city

On March 2, the Beijing Municipal Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation issued the "Announcement on the Implementation of Blockchain Electronic Ordinary Invoices" and decided to launch a pilot application of blockchain electronic ordinary invoices in Beijing. As mentioned in the above announcement, consumers can check and verify invoice information on the website of the Beijing Taxation Bureau or the authorized Ruihong website.

4. Henan's "Xinyu Chain" credit and debt service platform adopts blockchain technology to confirm data authority

On March 1, Henan Province officially launched the "Xinyu Chain" debt and debt service platform, which aims to facilitate the resumption of production and financing of small and medium-sized enterprises. It is understood that the "Xinyu Chain" has included relevant government procurement platforms, state-owned enterprises, core enterprises, upstream and downstream small and medium-sized micro-enterprises and banks in the supply chain into the system, and uses blockchain, cloud computing, big data and Digital signature technology confirms the authority of the data. The data is authoritative, credible, non-tamperable, and securely traceable.

5.China's First Undergraduate Program in "Blockchain Engineering" Approved

According to the spirit of the "Notice of the Ministry of Education on Announcing the Recording and Examination and Approval Results of Undergraduate Majors of General Colleges and Universities in 2019", the "Blockchain Project (080917T)" declared by Chengdu University of Information Technology was approved to add new approval majors for 2019 "Chain Engineering" is the first undergraduate major approved in China. The "Blockchain Engineering" program of Chengdu University of Information Science and Technology aims to respond to the development of socio-economic and social informatization, face the demand of blockchain technology talents in the blockchain industry, cultivate comprehensive development of moral, intellectual, and physical beauty, and master computer science and Basic technical knowledge, basic theory of blockchain technology, and method of blockchain project development, with blockchain system design and implementation capabilities, blockchain project management and implementation capabilities, and conception, design, implementation, and operation in corporate and social environments System capability, professional teamwork, communication expression and information search and analysis, and become the backbone of the blockchain industry in the future, in the design and development of blockchain project systems, blockchain project management, blockchain systems Application-oriented senior professionals who play an innovative role in services and other fields.

6.V God: Ethereum will deploy sharding technology as early as this year

On March 7, V God discussed the development prospects of Ethereum in 2020 at the ETHLondonUK conference. He said that Ethereum will deploy sharding technology as early as this year, which will expand the scale of the Ethereum network by "100 times or even hundreds of times". In addition, the Ethereum ecosystem will "increase privacy" next year. Regarding the recent "flash loan" problem, V God believes that more research is needed on the decentralized oracle. He further stated that "different types of oracle designs" should be studied to make them "safer and more decentralized."

7.Bitcoin computing power reaches 122.1EH / s S9 series miners reach shutdown price again

The price of bitcoin plummeted on March 9. According to data from the Coin Printing Pool, Bitcoin's entire network has reached a high of 122.10 EH / s. With the rise in computing power, Antminer S9 series, core moving miners T1, T2 series and Avalon A841, A821 and other miners have reached the shutdown price. At present, ant mining machines T15, S17 and other series of mining and electrical costs accounted for more than 50%.

8.Venezuela's petroleum coin payment platform Biopago has been down for more than two months, and the government has not announced the launch time

Venezuela's Biopago, a cryptographic payment system based on biometric authentication, is still in a state of paralysis after more than two months of offline, which has caused serious losses to traders across the country. According to the latest amendment bill, Biopago's maintenance cycle has been extended "indefinitely", and other critical infrastructure has been extended, including the government-provided payment and wallet solution PetroApp.

9.Reuters: Facebook will scale back Libra plan

Facebook Inc will scale back its plans for Libra's global digital currency and will not use it in its services for the time being. According to three people familiar with the matter, under pressure from regulators, in addition to the proposed Libra token, Facebook has decided to provide digital versions of government-backed currencies for its users, including the US dollar and the euro. Facebook still plans to continue launching a digital wallet that will allow users to make purchases as well as send and receive money, although the launch of the digital wallet will be delayed for months.

1. Donggang Shares: Subsidiary provides support. Beijing Taxation Bureau issues Beijing's first electronic blockchain invoice.

On March 2, 2020, the Beijing Municipal Administration of Taxation of the State Administration of Taxation issued the "Announcement of the State Administration of Taxation on the Implementation of Electronic Common Invoices on Blockchain". Under the leadership of the Beijing Municipal Taxation Bureau, the company's holding subsidiary Donggang Ruihong provided application and support based on blockchain technology and issued the first electronic blockchain invoice in Beijing on March 3, 2020.

2. Tecsun Technology: The company plans to develop a reliable information chain in the fields of employment and targeted poverty alleviation

Desheng Technology (002908.SZ) responded to investors on the interactive platform that the blockchain is a very good innovation model. The company will continue to explore in technology and plans to develop a reliable information chain in the fields of employment and precision poverty alleviation.

3. High Light Software: Launched the High Light Blockchain Donation Platform to achieve full-process management of disaster relief supplies online

High light software (002063.SZ) answered investors' questions on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange-Easy Interactive, saying that at the moment of the epidemic, the company's blockchain is actively taking the relief materials as an entry point and relying on its own blockchain technology to develop and launch Far Light. The blockchain donation platform is free and open to achieve fast and flexible online management of disaster relief materials.

4. Teana Technology: The company will continue to follow up the blockchain management platform in order to promote more business data on the chain

Tianchao Technology (300245.SZ) answered investors' questions on the interactive platform and stated that the company has always paid attention to and reserved blockchain technology.

5. National Technology: Research on the possibility of using company technology to serve digital currency trading applications

National Technology (300077.SZ) answered investors' questions on the interactive platform, saying that the digital currency technology solution will cover a variety of solutions, and is currently studying the possibility of using various company technologies to serve digital currency trading applications.

6. Divine Information: In the future, core technologies such as blockchain will be used to promote the development of digital agriculture and rural areas

China Information (000555.SZ) stated in the interview that in the future, it will be driven by big data, AI, and blockchain as core technologies to promote the digitalization of agriculture and build a sound agricultural financial service system to empower agriculture, rural areas, and farmers with finance. Position promotes the high-quality development of the industry and the development of the entire digital agriculture and countryside.

7. 2345: Subsidiaries have applied for digital currency patents are in the process of examination

Two Three Four Five (SZ002195) stated on the interactive platform that the company's wholly-owned subsidiary Shanghai Two Three Four Five Network Technology Co., Ltd. applied for a patent of "a control method and control device for distributing digital currency" on October 9, 2018. , Currently in the substantive examination stage, has not yet obtained a patent authorization.

8. Dayu water saving: the company is committed to accelerating the application of blockchain and other technologies in the agricultural field

Dayu Water Saving (300021.SZ) on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange-Interactive Easy Reply investors stated that the company continues to maintain smooth communication and close exchanges with leading information technology companies including Huawei, and is committed to accelerating the Internet of Things, big data, Application of modern information technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, fifth-generation mobile communication networks, and smart weather in the agricultural field.

9. Aideer received the letter of concern: explaining the specific application and feasibility of the blockchain in the company, and the substantial impact on the company's main business

Cailian News Agency March 3rd, Aideel received a letter of concern. The company is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of jewelry and jewellery. Please combine the relationship between the blockchain and your company's main business, and the number of Qin Technology in the blockchain. Existing business conditions in the field, the current stage of R & D and application of the blockchain technology owned, etc., detailed analysis of the specific application and feasibility of blockchain in the company, the substantial impact on the company's main business, and the number of The need for science and technology to launch this cooperation.

10. Rendong Holdings: Subsidiary shares in Beijing Zhongshou layout blockchain technology and application

Rendong Holdings (002647.SZ) announced on the evening of March 4th that Rendong Technology, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, plans to invest 10 million yuan to make a strategic investment in Beijing Zhongshou by increasing capital. At the same time, the related party Rendong blockchain intends to invest 13 million yuan to invest in Beijing Zhongdian through capital increase and stock transfer, of which 10 million yuan is used to increase capital for Beijing Zhongdian and 3 million yuan is used for transfer to Beijing Zhongdian. Sign part of the shares transferred by the existing shareholder Ningbo Shanshi.

11.Hengjiu Technology: Promote the promotion and application of blockchain in the agricultural industry and other fields

Hengjiu Technology (002808.SZ) answered investors' questions on the interactive platform and stated that the company's subsidiary, Minbao Information, is an information security and confidentiality technology research and development and application company. It is related to information security, confidentiality technology and blockchain. The field has long-term experience accumulation.

12.Xiaomi establishes industry-finance big data company to operate software and services including blockchain technology

Qixinbao data shows that on February 28, Xiaomi Digital Technology Co., Ltd. increased foreign investment and established Chongqing Port Industry and Finance Big Data Industry Development Co., Ltd. with a registered capital of 66 million yuan. President Cao Ziwei, whose business scope includes big data services, artificial intelligence public data platforms, blockchain technology-related software and services, data processing and storage support services, Internet data services, and technology intermediary services.

13. Smooth operation: the commercial service blockchain of the participating company has been registered and filed

Successfully (000606.SZ) interactive platform answered investors' questions and stated that according to the announcement of the first batch of domestic blockchain information service record numbers issued by the State Internet Information Office on March 30, 2019, the company's shareholding company, Guangzhou Wangrong Information Technology Co., Ltd.'s commercial service blockchain was registered and filed.

According to PANews statistics, there were 14 projects in the blockchain field announced last week with a total amount of more than 51.7 million US dollars (excluding projects for which specific investment and financing amounts have not been disclosed), involving corporate services, exchanges, agriculture, storage, and cross-chain , Security, gaming, etc.

1.Horizon raises $ 5 million from institutions including ConsenSys

Blockchain game developer Horizon announced a new round of $ 5 million in funding at the beginning of the year, led by Initialized Capital. Other investors include ConsenSys, CMTDigital, Regah Ventures, Golden Ventures, DCG and Polychain. Its game, SkyWeaver, will undergo public testing.

2.Chain Capital pursues blockchain cross-chain project Polkadot

Recently, Chain Capital announced additional investment in the blockchain cross-chain star project Polkadot (DOT). Chain Capital is a digital fund company established in 2015, focusing on blockchain project investment and digital asset management.

3.AlphaPoint completes $ 5.6 million bridge financing, Galaxy Digital Ventures recapitalizes

Crypto infrastructure provider AlphaPoint has completed $ 5.6 million in bridge financing. Telyatnikov revealed that AlphaPoint had revenues of more than $ 10 million last year, and existing funder Galaxy Digital Ventures also participated in this round of financing.

4.Crypto software company Zabo raises $ 2.5 million in seed round funding

Crypto software company Zabo has raised $ 2.5 million in seed funding. This round of funding was led by Moonshots Capital, with existing investors Blockchange Ventures and others participating.

5.GrainChain announces completion of new round of funding of $ 8.2 million

Japanese company GrainChain, which focuses on agricultural blockchain infrastructure, announced today that it has completed a new round of financing of US $ 8.2 million, led by Medici Ventures and Eden Block.

6.Cryptocurrency exchange INK may launch $ 129 million IPO in the U.S. next month

Cryptocurrency exchange INK may launch an IPO in the United States next month, people familiar with the matter revealed that the company is about to conduct a roadshow and hired a European investment bank as the main underwriter for the IPO.

7.Heyue Technology Receives Ten Million A Round of Financing

The tens of millions of Series A financing of Beijing Heyue Technology Co., Ltd., a new financial infrastructure service provider, has been approved by the board of directors of the listed company Rendong Holdings and announced. Lianxing Capital acted as exclusive financial advisor in this financing.

8.Ripple partner TerraPay acquired and raises $ 9.6 million

On March 3, Ripple partner TerraPay, a San Francisco-based global investment company, announced that the company had been acquired by an investor consortium and the amount of the acquisition was unknown. TerraPay also disclosed that it has received $ 9.6 million in financing from the same investors and the International Finance Corporation (IFC), which will be used to expand the company's business.

9.Second State receives funding from Web3 Foundation

Cloud service and blockchain-based software company Second State has received funding from the Web3 Foundation to introduce the Ethereum WebAssembly virtual machine (Ewasm) into the PPolkadot boca ecosystem through cooperation.

10. Liquid Vaule, an investment agency of Sino Global Capital, raises B round of crypto derivatives exchange FTX

Liquid Capital, an investment arm of Sino Global Capital, announced that it has made a Series B investment in Hong Kong's crypto derivatives exchange FTX.

11.Alameda Research invests more than $ 1 million in crypto quantitative trading company Folkvang

Alameda Research, an affiliate of Binance-invested derivatives exchange FTX, has made an investment of more than one million dollars in rival cryptocurrency quantitative trading company Folkvang, the exact amount of which was not disclosed.

12. PayPal Finance completes Per-A round of financing, Dragonfly and Parallel participate

Crypto financial services company PayPal Finance announced that it has completed the Per-A round of financing. Dragonfly Capital and Parallel Venteres have become the investment institutions of this round. The amount of financing has not been disclosed.

13.Arweave completes $ 8.3 million financing

Arweave, a blockchain storage protocol focusing on permanent storage services, announced the completion of a $ 8.3 million round of financing. Investors include Andressen Horowitz (a16Z), Union Square Ventures (Union Square Venteres), who led the last $ 5 million round of funding for Arweave, Coinbase Venteres.

14.Zabo completes $ 2.5 million seed round financing

Crypto software startup Zabo has completed a $ 2.5 million seed round led by Moonshots Capital. Other investors include Blockchange Venteres, Digital Currency Group, CoinShares, Tezos Foundation and others.