bZx new oracle plan announced, will eventually integrate Chainlink, Band and Uniswap v2

According to official news, the decentralized loan agreement bZx, which has been attacked by Lightning Loans, once again published a summary of the attack that occurred on February 17, and disclosed a three-step route for adjusting the integrated price predictor. In the first stage, bZx will use the Chainlink oracle as the reference price of bZx. BZx believes that Chainlink is currently the best decentralized oracle solution in the market. In the second stage, bZx will use two data sources, Chainlink and Band. bZx believes that the oracle location of Band is more suitable for the Asian market, which can also disperse their oracle risks. In the third stage, bZx will use Chainlink, Band and Uniswap v2 as oracles, and use the average price of these three as bZx ’s. With reference to price, the price source of the next generation Uniswap will provide time-weighted price data, which means that attack and manipulation will require more cost and time.