Huobi Contract will launch "Huobi Contract Off-Counter Lending Business" at 18:00 on March 10

According to the official website announcement, the Huobi Contract will officially launch the "Huobi Contract OTC Currency Business" at 18:00 on March 10.

Applicable scenarios: to meet the needs of large holders of mortgage BTC or HT to borrow other digital assets for trading; to meet the needs of users who only want to hold USDT or HUSD digital assets, but do not want to exchange them for other digital assets for contract transactions .

Applicable objects: In the initial stage, only the top market makers (Tier S), Tier 1 (Tier 1) of the Huobi contract will be invited, and VIP3-VIP7 large customers who passed the assessment at the end of last month will be gradually reduced. Thresholds of participation for more users.