4% to 10%, 900 to 8000, the goddess of industry interpreting the blockchain over the years

     On March 7th, on the day of the Goddess Festival , ChainNode livestream invited the chief strategy officer of OKEx Xu Kun , the vice president of Babbitt and the business director of Babbitt Wang Xiaomeng , the founder of Planet Daily Wang Mengdie , Beep News, and Little Turtle said the founder Little Turtle Be a guest and share their career stories with the host Jun Yao !


From 12 gold to 499+

Several goddesses chose to enter the blockchain industry for different reasons: Xu Kun has extensive financial experience. Blockchain concept stocks have been in full swing for 15-16 years, and they have surged 18 points in a week. Success Aroused the attention and curiosity of the financial goddess, and buried a deep relationship with the industry; Mandy came from the technology venture capital 36Kr, and had a long-term interest in the blockchain, but at that time only regarded the blockchain as Part of the financial extension, until the 1CO boom of 17 years, she sprouted the idea of ​​establishing a team, a company focused on reporting on the blockchain; Little Turtle's reason is the simplest and rude, and Bitcoin soared to 8,000 yuan at the end of 2013, which attracted her Xiao Meng is also from the journalism profession. Fortunately, as a Babbitt reporter, at the end of 14th, I bought BTC below 2000 RMB for the first time in order to write materials, which made everyone present envious.

As outstanding female representatives in the industry, guests recalled the changes in the industry over the years, and several interesting data witnessed the rise of female practitioners. Xiao Meng first shared that 4% of female practitioners took part in the speech at the 18th North American Blockchain Conference, and at the Wuzhen Blockchain Conference last year, the share of female practitioners rose to 10% +, which shows that More and more outstanding female practitioners in the industry stand out. Little Turtle gave a more vivid example. She recalled that when she first entered the circle, the currency watcher had done the activity of "selecting 12 gold coins in the currency circle", and now the female community of 499Block has been full, from 12 to 499, The number of female practitioners has increased at least dozens of times! And Mengdie believes that in addition to a large amount of fresh blood influx, she also feels that some practitioners around her are gradually leaving the field, but this is a process of rushing to the sand, leaving off speculators for short-term benefits. Both men and women can focus more on what is truly valuable. Xu Kun shared the recent experience of recruitment. Girls used to think that the entire industry is very beautiful, but now they feel more talented, capable, and qualified resources to choose to enter the industry. This seems to announce that the qualitative change period of the industry is coming, and head companies like OKEx are constantly combing the internal logic of their business to attract more excellent partners to join.

The industry of exclusive geek otaku? Big mistake, gender doesn't matter!

  When asked, "What advantages do men and women have in the blockchain workplace? Are they friendly to women?" Several goddesses have said that there are not many differences, and the differences will become weaker and weaker. Mandy mentioned that men's logical thinking is more rigorous than women's, and Xiao Gui believes that women's social costs in the industry will be lower, but these characteristics also exist in other industries.

Gender differences between men and women will diminish over time. Xiao Meng believes that the genes of the blockchain industry are very niche and developed from the geek otaku male group, but they all advocate freedom, equality and openness, so they are more tolerant of women.

Xu Kun said that the role of female leaders is being demonstrated. "This may be a reflection of the real independence of women. In addition, from the perspective of Yi Jing, the probability of women being better in the future will be much higher than now, such as the founder of Mobike It's women. "In addition, she also mentioned that gender's restrictions on occupations will become weaker and weaker. For example, many men are now engaged in the make-up and beauty industry, and everyone should not be surprised.

Any suggestions for young women who want to join the industry?

Mandy: "What to do after choosing is more important than choosing itself. The profession we learn is not necessarily strongly related to the profession we are engaged in, so as long as you engage in what you want to do and focus enough, the hard work will be enough It pays off. It's also important to choose a good professional company as a starting point to provide you with more expertise and room for improvement. "

Little turtle: "Need a little adventure spirit to get out of your comfort zone; always be thankful and don't forget the people who have helped you; the last and most important thing is not to say no to new things or things you don't understand . "

Xiao Meng: "The first point is to pinpoint your interests. Interest can give you strong support and self-driving force. The second point is to cherish your feathers. For example, luck is also very important. Try to accumulate precipitation. Do not consume him easily. "

Xu Kun: "First of all, we must put aside ourselves, look at the industry from the perspective of others, broaden our horizons, and improve our understanding of the industry; then we must examine whether our ability is OK and then make up our own shortcomings."

  At the end of this live broadcast, we have set up a relaxed little link, asking questions about the hobby of the goddesses in a quick question and quick answer, currency orientation ~ click on the video to decrypt more exciting.