The recently transferred PlusToken funds have not entered the market during the money laundering stage

Beijing Chainan Chainsmap monitoring system found that, even though every bitcoin plunges, there will be PlusToken funds involved in the case. However, as far as the batch of bitcoin involved in the transfer on March 5 is concerned, it is still in the confusion stage of small bitcoin after the split, and it has not even entered the over-the-counter trading stage. On the contrary, with the recent sharp decline in the price of the currency, the pace of related money laundering has even suddenly slowed down. After the confusion of a small number of bitcoin involved in the case at noon on March 9th, it was even 24 hours before it was again after 1 noon today. Start the next obfuscation process. According to data analyst SXWK, since PlusToken ran away in June last year and started laundering of major bitcoins in August to today, the overall process is a relatively long-term and soothing process in small batches, at least in terms of on-chain behavior. , There is no short-term concentrated smashing action.