"Liberation Army Daily": It is a rational choice to follow the "hybrid chain" technology path where the traditional network and the blockchain network merge and complement each other.

The "Liberation Army Daily" today issued a "When the Battle Command Meets the Blockchain" stated that it should be based on the blockchain technology and integrate the use of satellite positioning, terminal sensing and other technologies to improve the collection and update efficiency of the information and improve " "My mood chain" intelligent level. It should be based on the blockchain technology and integrate the use of technologies such as "radio frequency identification", two-dimensional codes, and barcodes to improve the efficiency of collection and update of guaranteed resources and the intelligence of the "secured resource chain". Various planning orders in the course of combat command can be chained. Each command and control node puts various plans and orders prepared and issued during the combat command process on the "command command chain", and utilizes the characteristics of point-to-point data transmission of the blockchain to realize the timely sharing and issuing of plan commands. In order to integrate with the highly centralized organizational model in the field of operations, the traditional network construction model cannot be abandoned in practice, and a “hybrid chain” technology path that integrates and complements traditional networks and blockchain networks is a rational choice.